Thrall appearance upgrade

Crafting thrall should appear with all of there clan gear but head gear. Every one else spawns in full set.

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Be nice if my crafting thralls were fully dress.

I want an option to “dress/undress” them just like fighters archers…etc…instead.
Other than that THEY SHOULD appear as exactly as you aquired them and not in starter cloths… (the fighters/archer at least)

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Also there is a bug. One of my dancer was captured in full vanir set. I dropped her chestpiece, and horns hat…
So in her inventory there is nothing, but each and every reload of the game makes her fully dressed.
A bit annoying to give her clothes everytime just to take it back so she can be like the other dancers. without a “hat” and barechested.

Have you ever cloth 30 dancers. It’s a nightmare. I want fully dress thralls.

Let no thrall be shirtless.

I’d like to see crafting thralls be clothable. Also, dancer thralls are still bugged when it comes to adding clothing. This happens when clothing them and having them follow, then stop following. Clothing disappears from their inventory. Sad…