Thrall Armor...does it get damaged?

Does the amor the thrall wears ever get damaged or it does but at real slow rate? After threes month play I just noticed one of my thralls have broken shield…just checking.


No they don’t use any durability.

The only things that get used up are food stacks and if you put a weapon oil / poison on a weapon, those timers / stacks will run out.

But what you can actually do: If you have any of the items that repair weapons (I think the Godbreaker boots and that special nemedian helmet do that) you can use your thrall to repair legendary items, equip them with the armor parts and give them a nearly broken weapon, if they tank hits they will slowly repair the almost broken weapon for you.


In fact the shield is the only item that gets damaged when used on a thrall!


Yes that is true. You are tottaly right on this one, even if it doesn’t use it after a long time it breaks. So one good suggestion here is not to use the shield on thralls, because most of all they don’t need it. Even you don’t really need it. My shields decorate my walls :joy::joy::joy:. Your best shield is your thrall. The epic armor is the thralls best shield. Shields lowering the damage of your thrall so there is no real reason to equip them one.


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