Thrall attack everyone in sepemeru


Is it normal that my thrall attacks everyone in sepemeru?

So maybe he is told to „attack everything“?

I mean, is it normal that he attacks also not hostile npc?

It is normal now, but I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s intended. If you want to travel through Sepermaru without incident, set your follower to “Guard Me”. When you first place a thrall, I think it defaults to “Attack Everything” stance.

Ever since the last patch, thralls have been attacking everything, including baby deer and rabbits. They changed the list of NPCs that are interpreted as hostile, probably with the intent of making NPC vs. NPC fights make more sense (panthers used to attack rhinos, but not gazelles, for example), but now it seems that anything moving on its own power is considered a potential enemy combatant and eliminated with extereme prejudice.

As bbtech suggests, changing the follower’s stance to Guard Me fixes this problem. In that stance, your follower won’t attack anything that doesn’t first hit you or him, or unless you give the order to attack or attack the NPC yourself.

I don’t know why, but my gorilla attacks baby gators, he even goes beyond my leash to perform this task. He is the only follower that has this behavior, but it is only the baby gators he goes after. I laugh when he performs this heroic deed. :slight_smile:

Everyone seems to hate baby gators. I’ve seen shalebacks go after them.

Then again, crocodiles are a pain for beginners at Noob River, so it makes sense to try to kill them while they’re still tiny and cute.

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It’s that cluster of 5 or 6 near the shattered bridge. The solo scattered crocs are fine. Trying to get that large cluster is really difficult at low level, but worth the challenge as it can potentially give you enough hides to craft a full set of light armor. I’ve got loads of practice at it, but I’ve still learned to drop a bedroll nearby before I attempt it.


its funny most complain more when thrall doesnt do anything yours is doing to much?can i borrow him?^^

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