Thrall bugs and NPC bugs

[Online | PVP 1060 official server

The NPC that are under a tend cant be harmed they will be in god mode cant be killed , you need to kit them so they leave the tend and only after that they can be killed .

Tharlls keep going under fundations after you reset the servers , tharlls keep desapearing , and finaly tharlls that are " arrested " on your rope cant go to elevators because they will bug and desapear and all my farm will be = 0 like your support your know ; tharlls will bugg constantly while they are arrested whit the rope .


Yes, this has been a big issue for a long time now. It also happens to some NPCs that aren’t under a tent/awning. But 90% of the time it is the spawn location of an NPC under tents/awnings.

If this ain’t fixed in the next month or two i’m moving on. There’s too many properly finished games out there today to waste time on one that isn’t.

This happens in all modes apparently.