Thrall Defending Player

I play on PVE server so this suggestion is based on that perspective.

It would be a nice improvement, if the new Follower system would include a change to the triggering condition of when a follower will defend the player in combat.

Today, it appears that a follower will defend a player when the player actually takes damage. I can shield block for 20 minutes and not take damage and the follower will just stand there and watch until I put my shield down and allow a hit to land.

I propose instead the follower defends the player when the player gets agro from an enemy instead.



From what they say. Their working on giving more control over thralls in future updates.

So if I had to guess. This will be one of the things their going to bring in. Along with if your near a camp you can tell him to go attack someone in the camp. So the player will be safe, then the thrall can get all the agro and the player can give support.

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