Thrall Disposal: Funeral Pyre

“All fled—all done, so lift me on the pyre—

The Feast is over, and the lamps expire.”
― Robert E. Howard

So, you have a base, you have some thralls… but the problem is, theyre all old, or too low a level. Surely that Zingaran Fighter 3 you ensla- er, ‘recruited’ back at the Black Galleon is no match to your new Cimmerian Berserker! But you just don’t have enough room for the two of them! Or that Alchemist 2 that’s now being replaced by a named alcemist! Surely just dropping them on the ground seems to be a waste.

So, what’s an exile to do?

Introducing the new iCrematorium! Just erect this giant pile of wood along with some oil or tar or charcoal, and burn your troubles away! As a bonus, all disposed of thralls would produce bones and skulls and raw ash that can then in turn be used for compost to grow crops or decorate your home!

It’s also 100% eco-friendly! And it even is endorsed by PETA and Crom himself!

Call now to order!


You are on the right path, but your lack of faith in Yog is startling!


Thats one funny way to think about it. At least they become useful in SOME way… :smiling_imp:

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I would prefer sacrifices to the chosen altars for 12 zeal’s.


I wish, that in addition to the Wheel of Pain, there was a giant, dystopian hamster-type Great Wheel that you can retire thralls to that you can link water pumps, grain production, weapon smithies to. :stuck_out_tongue: - or that you can pop player characters in if you can trap them in the drop-pits that I wish they would also add to the game :crazy_face:

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chains, a big cross-type of deal, and use em for bow aim practice ^^ or to be able to feed them to your pets, in some evil gore way! yea i know i’m sick, its fine in the darkside, you lot should try it :wink:

Really wish we could tie thralls to the shrine and beat them to death for manifestations of zeal.

I’m convinced it’d be THE primary and funnest way of farming zeals.

I once creeped out an entire server by going into great detail about the sheer joy I was recieving skinning humans and using the hide to make armor.

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marry me!

All stone used for my house was cooked up with rotten human flesh :grin: .

An early idea I had. I always thought it would be cool it we could:

  1. Drag a knocked out thrall over to a shrine and ‘deposit’ them like the ones placed on a Wheel of Pain.
  2. A ‘crafting’ bar would then appear, just like making a potion. When the bar is full the thrall is ‘consumed’ (aka-killed as a sacrifice to that god).
  3. We then recieve one Manifestation of Zeal for for our human offering…and a sense of satisfaction. :smiling_imp:

Supported, human offering; epic.

Would be neat, though it does seem easier to just kill 'em, wack 'em with the god-stick and bring the heart/essence/thingymabob to the altar :slight_smile:

I know this is far fetched for the amount of work it would be…
But make whole 30 second animation for it!
Thrall strugling, priest looming over the body reciting incantations to whichever god belongs to the altar, do the final plunge, watch the blood flow and see a flash as the offering is accepted by said god.
Obviously, there will have to be an animation for each altar…so its unrealistic at best. But man! That would have been cool!

Derketo would be kinda sick being the goddess of death and lust. However the description of the sword would kind of fit for a way to sacrifice thralls.
This sword, suggestively shaped, seems to twist and bend as light plays across the blade. There is a dark ritual, performed naked by the priests and priestesses of Derketa, that involves this blade, a sacrificial victim and necrophilia.


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