Thrall in follower mode disappear in dungeon run

Game mode: Single Player
Type of issue: Thrall disappearing
Server type: N/A
Region: Aussie

Running the Sunken City Dungeon, swimming to the first building, my thrall follow me inside. Swim to second building and the thrall disappeared on me. I died, placing the Thrall in scouting mode, I managed to get it back at base by doing a recall on the follower tab menu.

After resetting I continued with the Thrall (and my game play stream) had it appear on the in the building with me, swim to the next one, did show up for the rest of the building through to the end. (set time to when it happened. Eventually, well after I finished the sunken city, and move on to something else, I got a message my Thrall had died. (

Youtuber, RadioMan03, ran the dregs and had the same problem.

Tried to see if it happens outside dungeons, swim in the exile waters with a T2 Thrall following me. Didn’t lose the Thrall.

I also encountered this issue in the dregs. I’m not sure if the 2nd hotfix was supposed to address this. I only remember that it was supposed to address the elevator fall damage. On a related note, I think fall damage for an entity whose primary means of pathing is teleportation is ridiculous.

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