Thrall knock out timer reset

Hey everyone!

If I knock out a Thrall and then tie them up. When I untie them the timer starts for them to wake up.

If I tie them and untie them again, does the times reset?

Any insight to this will be appreciated :blush:

Just to let you not go without comment, thb idk but length of knockout times depend on level of target and level of truncheon. The better the longer. Personally ive never tracked time between i just unleash to fight releash and haul tookus. I know this didnt answer your ? But figured id share my technique.
Note if your running low quality bindings craft two for long distances…

Good tip, the spare can save you on a long run…

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Txs :slight_smile:

You can use you truncheon on an unconscious thrall to reset the timer. It’s the blue line under their red health bar. Just hit them until the blue line is gone.

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