Knockout damage reduced?


I liked to know if someone else experience sth similar. I have a lvl 35 char in the starter area.
strength is skilled to 30.
Here is a place where smaller T4s spawn. Since short I have a lvl 30 wheel of pain with the bench to build the iron knockout mace. This maces are fitted with the simple iron knockout amplifier.

The situation until the patch: together with a thrall was the following: For each normal thrall some hits and they are unconscious. Same happens now also. This part is ok.

But until the patch the T4 fighter thralls (fi Erika) from that area needed some more hits before they were unconscious.

In the moment the thrall (lvl 3) and me have to hit 2-3 minutes on these t4 thralls before they get unconscious. I almost died during this phase and had to wait several times until aggro was lost and I self-healed. The thrall lost 1/3 from health points (about 3500 from 5700) in that time.

When I use a 2-hand sword to kill those T4s they are dead after 3-4 hits. These behaviour seems totally unbalanced to me. 3-4 hits compared to several minutes with the knockout mace. Did someone experience something similar ? I know it was better before the patch, because my first t4 erika was absolute no problem to knockout. Since the patch I knockouted 3-4 T4s from that place, all with the same behaviour of needing several minutes and extrem caution to be knockouted. And as I said, normal thralls from this exiles area are lying in the dust after only seconds.

Add: the knockout bar seems unreliable, sometimes i think it is not there, correct to say: neither life span/knockout, it seems suddenly gone. And the knockout bar seems almost not to work.


A T4 warrior almost killed me, took me way too many minutes to knock him down, but I believe it was because my T4 Thrall decided not to hit him :unamused:
And yes, I’ve noticed the knockout bar isn’t reliable.

T4 thralls are end-game thralls. They are not supposed to be easy to knock unconscious.

knocking unconscious a T4 Thrall with a lvl 35 character, only having access to T2 truncheon shouldn’t even be possible… Consider yourself lucky it is mate !

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Why can I kill them with 4 hits ?

I am speaking about the exile T4s with around 1700 health points in the beginners zone. those t4s are better mobs only. a lvl 3 thrall from sepermeru is much stronger with 5700 HP.

T4 is not T4…

Is this not clear ?

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Well, even before patch I was never able to knockout this npcs with only 3-4 hits like you said, nor even using my steel truncheons + best knockout amplifier.

But I’m playing on PC so maybe it was a bug on xbox version they fixed the fact you was able to do it :wink:

Why can I kill them with 4 hits ?

I am speaking about the exile T4s with around 1700 health points in the beginners zone. those t4s are better mobs only. a lvl 3 thrall from sepermeru is much stronger with 5700 HP.

T4 is not T4…

You are mixing up ‘Thrall’ and ‘Enemy’.

A named Exile is both a T1 enemy and a T4 Thrall. What makes the value of a Thrall, its tier, is what it brings to you., not how hard it is to kill.

Having knocking difficulty tyed to how valuable a thrall is instead of how hard of an enemy he is - is the way to go. And the way it is.

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Yeah it seems like it takes forever to KO T4s for the last month or two. Even at level 60 with 30+ Strength, and Lovetap with the Advance Blunt Fitting, it seems to take 10x as long as simply killing the same enemy.

Granted, it should be harder to knock someone out that to simply kill them, but the balance feels like it needs some tuning. Right now Lovetap and the Steel Trunch both feel about as effective as the base-level truncheon.


I ask you also pls not to mix up the things.

a converted named exile has 1700 hp, no matter if you call them enemy or thrall.
a converted t3 from sepermeru has 5700 hp

it seems clear that a t3 from sepermeru is much more worth then a named exile with 1700.

I wrote that it seems to happen since the anniversary patch, because befor this it neede only a bit longer to knock out a named exile. also the conscious bar reflected the state of knocking him out.

we need not to discuss the game mechanics. I wanted to bring this behaviour to public and when you read the other writings, they confirm this.

thank you for your contributions.


“Well, even before patch I was never able to knockout this npcs with only 3-4 hits like you said, nor even using my steel truncheons + best knockout amplifier.”

I need 3-4 hits to kill them with a 2-hand sword, not to knock them out.

Yet a T4 Exiles Smelter/Tanner/Charpenter/Entertainer/Etc. gives as much as a T4 Forgotten Tribe Smelter/Tanner/Charpenter/Entertainer/Etc… The same - very usefull - Smelter/Tanner/Charpenter/Entertainer/Etc. bonus.

Yet T4 Exiles Charpenters, Blacksmith, Armorers grants acces to flawless epic recipes, same as T4 any other T4 Charpenters, Blacksmith, Armorers.

If you could knock any Exile T4 Thrall with 2-3 T1 truncheon at what ever level we are able to craft this truncheon, what would be the point of any non-Exiles non-fighters thralls ?

Your point about T4 fighters thralls not having the same HP pool is just pointing out that some thralls are better/worse than others - even within the same thrall tier.

And again, how hard an enemy is to knock out isn’t about how feirce an enemy it is. But how much you’ll gain from knocking him out and turn him into one of your thralls. And tiers is how the game mesure it.

The current set up is a bit better than the logical alternative of metal-type locking the smelters.

T1: Iron
T2: Steel
T3: Hardened Steel
T4: Star Metal

T1: Hide
T2: Hyena Hide, Feline Skin, etc etc
T3: Thick Hide, Elephant Hide etc etc
T4: Albino Bat hide, etc etc.

I do agree that their difficulty should reflect their performance though. Higher faction entertainers aught to fight better.

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Who reads carefully has an Advantage.

Last try to meet the core.

  1. The behaviour changed some days ago. (before it needed 15 secs, now around 2-3 minutes)

  2. The truncheon is a t2, not t1 (iron)

  3. 3-4 hits are related to kills.

  4. something is not correct with the health/conscious - bar (disappears full/parial) during these fights

  5. no mods, as I am xbox player

I did not want to discuss opinions with this thread, only point out a recent change in the behaviour.
Is it asked too much to contribute only facts instead of opinions how the mechanic should/could be ?
Or do you have any official prove for your theory ?

I am not a native english Speaker, so not all might come as clear as I want.



Yeah sorry, that happens when I don’t use quote but my memory in writing responces. :sweat_smile:

The point was you said:

Never happened for me on PC, maybe before patch, not this last one but the previous one, just few less hit than now.

So I think it could be there was a bug on xbox versione they fixed.

maybe i should have reported this in the xbox bug version.

beside, i dont believe they fixed a bug because the unreliable healthbar bug is new.

it was not so easy before but now it is exaggerated difficult for this “little” npcs

to make more clear what I mean is:

there is a healthbar & a white conscious bar. with these named npcs now the conscious bar seem st be empty & not changing the status, while in normal cases this bar is filled and become more and more empty. before the patch this was with the named exiles also. now it is empty from the beginning and i hit & hit & hit & hit & nothing changes. But suddenly they are finished and become uncocscious.

This is for sure no bugfix …

I was not trying to do theory crafting, i was trying to explain why they made this change : T4 Exile, and T4 enemies in general, were too easy to knock out which was defeatting the “End game” purpose of T4 thralls.

Now, i follow you in that T4 Exiles fighters, while as hard to knock out than other factions, are way weaker. And going for T4 Exiles fighters is more or less pointless because of that. Unless you want to catch’em all ! (yeah, i did that)

And i follow you in that the huge difference in HP pool and “conscious point” pool on weaker enemies like Exiles is weird. And ought to be refined.

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Ok - and what is with the empty conscious bar ? Why does this not work correct and is empty from the beginning instead of reflecting the “knockout-work” ?

I am on an official server, no mods.

Hmmm… who needs T4 Exile Fighter in the end-game phase? Do you need a Fighter with 1485 HP on your lvl 60? You can totally wipe all the Noob area of all the named Exiles and Darfari Thralls as well. Maybe leave some T4 Armorers and Blacksmiths for recipe completists.

I never witnessed a consciousness bar that would just be empty and stay that way.

Human enemies with an empty consciousness bar allways had their bar update to the correct value as soon as I hit them with a blunt weapon.
The only enemies with a consciousness bar staying empty are the enemies we can’t make into a thrall.

AND…the easiest way to knock out any thrall is still by handing your pet thrall a truncheon and getting agro. I quit trying to knock out thralls myself long ago. I just give my following thrall a truncheon or love tap, take one hit from the NPC thrall and run in a circle until my thrall gets its attention. So much faster and easier…

They fixed it with the patch. It is now the same behaviour as before. The conscious bar works as it should now. Guess it was connected to something else relating thralls.