Thrall limit (Fighter/Archer/Pets/Horses)

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The population limit for minions is set at 55 but the box to limit population is not checked, therefore you can have unlimited thralls, is that meant to be the case?

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Yes. The limit is not live on official and the final numbers are still to be finalized and announced. There will be an official announcement once Funcom decides to enable the limiter. I don’t personally expect the number to be any different though.


@Ignasi do you have any insight as to how funcom will decide which thralls will be deleted when the cap is implemented ?

Say I have 100 level 20 thralls which ones will you delete ? Hmm

If I recall correctly it will be random pick, 1 every 30 minutes until the target number is reach. Been online/offline won’t matter.

Hey there,

We will announce when this change goes live, along with any information that might be relevant to it, in an informative post well ahead in time.

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