Thrall management

Could you please re-introduce thrall management to the game?
Feeding thralls and pets served several game purposes, it made the thrall pot and feed box useful, along with other elements of the game such as cooking and fishing (still used, but they were more required).
This would also counter the rampant populations of thralls sitting around if they died from lack of food, which would decrease the server load and lag (some clans have in excess of 1000 thralls in their base, for no reason)
I’m not sure why it was removed in the first place, but the management of thralls gave more depth to the game for me, gave my wife more enjoyment from looking after animals as she likes that, and gave more of a feel that you need to do things in the game other than grind and thock other humans on the head.
Thank you

Although the mechanics have changed, I still fill the feeders :crazy_face:

They are introducing a Follower limit, which can be adjusted on private servers to off or different numbers.

See this FAQ here ---->

Because it was unpopular and required server resources.

You can still feed your followers if you want. They receive 1 hour long buffs, along with a boost to their perks based on the food given. They also help heal the followers when they are hurt.

In summary, it is unlikely that they will restore the feature again.

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