Thrall nerf to far?

Intended, it’s in the patch notes

Ghoulish mace is my go-to and still will be

Its a good strategy but imagine this guy at your front door wrecking everything, till you could be able to kill him it will wipe everything you have

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Annoying shard may be better now that poison is like bleed. Gouging is bleed that affects everything.

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where can i find the patchnotes for 3.0? found only 2.8 on the section

You didn’t bother reading the patch notes first?

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yeah they come running 5 or 6 of them, then the destroyer of dreams come to put down all your hopes.

i was looking into here:

thanks now im in the right section

I play on a pvp server and already the bases are easier to kill than before because of the bans for massive construction

If we can’t even count on the slaves to slow down the progress of the enemy, what do we have left to defend ourselves?

Soon there will be less risk of hiding his character and the loot outside the base

Thanks! It’s good to have data like that. And also thanks to @Ricojes for a detailed test :smiley:

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Ficou ótimo hoje os jogadores que inicia no pvp quase não duram por ter clãs grandes com vários Thrall como o Teimos que é sim até hoje um dos melhores para pvp. Agora com a atualização 3.0 o pvp será de jogador contra jogador e não contra um Teimos com mais de 21k em vida contra um jogador é sem comparação isso.
Agora será melhor quem souber jogar e não ficar se apoiando em Thrall o tempo todo como já acontece no servidor oficial PVP demorou mas essa atualização vai mudar muito o pvp e sim quem tem base está com medo de ficar sem base por conta do fator de JXJ ou PVP ou 1X1. Conan deveria ter feito isso a muito tempo demorou de mais porém é sim, antes tarde do que nunca

And Teimos was variety? Pfff

Get good?

Also you can possibly have 10 followers boosted in an online raid through authority on officials.

If you are getting offline raided, you are playing on the wrong server or should consider playing this game at all if you don’t have the time. Or have people/friends who can be online to protect.

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True, but I get the feeling that the people are more worried about the defense of their bases when they’re offline. It sounds like it’s going to be much easier for people to kill your guards while you’re offline now that thralls have been nerfed.

Then again, I don’t play on PVP servers, so I wouldn’t know firsthand. :man_shrugging:

Unfortunately we, the console players cannot understand what you did, but @SirDaveWolf informed me that predatory blade (light) attacks and hit 299!!!
Not to mention the fact that skilled fight is on for good, adding 0 stamina on hits and armor pen in great percentage!!!

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Idk, you did something horribly wrong. 20 Authority ofc.


Oh no no no my friend, this guy is mine now… SOLO, let him spin all he wants, 2 hits and escape plan and he will fall down like a baby, :kissing_heart:.

Servidor oficial no Brasil geralmente pessoal que tem base fica abusando de falhas do ante trapaça eles alteram o FOG dentro do TXT e também a distância de visualizar a vida que pode ver a barra de vida dos inimigos que aparece na tela se consideram Alphas do servidor porém devido a regra dos servidores oficiais isso não é permitido. Espero que com essa atualização a funcom arrume isso pois no Brasil eles fazem essa trapaça que não deveria acontecer dentro do servidor oficial pvp servior 1986. pode ver que geralmente tem pouco jogador conectado lá atualmente. Espero que isso sejá resolvido… Sobre o horário em que seus Teimos podem ser mortos geralente é na hora de raid do servidor.

many people are playing alone in duos or trios on the officials and are doing very well so far.
All these defensive nerfs are not a good thing and risk emptying the servers because not everyone wants to play in big clans it’s an easy option for the weak

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yes, i put the sword of crom on it, but later i discovered that the sword of crom do not does damage with thralls any more. And not used authority, later i will try again maybe with 2 thrall too