Thrall Path-Finding, My Bad?

Game mode: Single Player
Problem: Thrall Following, Bug?
Region: Desert / Wall Border Water Falls

Hello, hopefully this issue wasn’t addressed elsewhere, I read a few of the threads and didn’t see it mentioned. Unless it is a glitch / bug with this specific thrall (Cimmerian Exile, Archer 1 of mine) it seems as the former ‘teleport along’ following mode has been replaced by proper running to catch up following in this recent update. I don’t have a problem with that, except guiding followers to a better location is trickier with a specific problem.

By trickier I mean strictly following walk-able land, any climbing and they remain there no matter the distance traveled - I back tracked a couple of times to keep my thrall going. The problem I wanted to mention is that in order to reach the North, the only way I’ve found that this is possible by is… right where the white tiger (now a three skull rated enemy) guards.

I imagine NPCs lack the ability to climb and wouldn’t exactly expect it either, but it is a slaughter even with ancient weapons. I can take the loss of the NPC but I doubt even if I build an elevator and structure-way over the wall that I can circumvent to finish moving - or ever farm valuable thralls. Again, thank you for the groovy game and being so committed to it, hope this is helpful and I’ll keep trying to find an in-game solution but I may have gotten myself into a pickle e_e lol

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Look to the west. Follow the stream and you’ll find a spot with a broken statue laying across it. Behind that, there’s a cave opening. Two, actually, though they merge into one that leads up into the north. You’ll still have to climb up a little ledge, but it’s not much higher than a foundation block. If you’re dragging someone you can easily put down one sandstone foundation and a couple of stairs to get up. If you take the left opening, you’ll even get to see a ghost.

It’s ungaurded, save for the off chance that you might attract some wolves that are perched on the big rock formation as you enter the biome. They’re easy to avoid once you know where they are though.


Hmmm… My pets are still teleporting. I have to stop, look behind and then turn forward again, and here they are. I have to try some Thrall today. By the way there are many ways to the North. If you’re playing SP like me none of them will be blocked by some wall (and it seems to me that you can run away from any world boss - they don’t like to chase one too far from their place).

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I’m having similar issues with my thralls. While I love that they move more realistically, my thrall won’t follow me on my elevator, or through open doors. If I swim, they watch me from the other shore. While it’s definitely more immersive not having a guy teleporting all the time, it’s definitely a bigger hassle to deal with them. Regardless of pathways to the north :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you all so far for your additional input! Yes, Glurin, I noticed after my … fiasco that the white tiger’s location wasn’t even the good way around. I usually do just climb along the water falls to get to that path where the wolves are. My ‘Gord’ fort-settlement I am working on building is just north of there, between the lake with the micro-village and south of the many watch towers around New Asagard.

(All the iron, wild game, and better leveled and geared thralls was a big part of my decision to practice tower building there. While I’m at it I may as well mention, my starter camp is on the plateau in front of the imp cave, that’s where I tinkered around, figured out how to break thralls, and explored as a central location to get to the Setite city, etc. I’ll usually run a circuit where I go through one of the Breaches and hit the sulfur flats and silver mines, loop around to my camp, load up on odds and ends and mead and make a haul back to my ‘Kurgangrad’ fort-town I’m making.)

The stairs is a great idea. I admit I was a bit frustrated by the after-midnight hours, but my thrall was also basically stuck in hostility-range of the white tiger world boss. I -tried- to just run but my thrall kept engaging, I kept restarting to try to save him but in the end he did die and I wasn’t able to loot him before he died. Not a big deal but RIP my starter gear lol.

Yes, Nethermore, that was the thing I wanted to note mainly for Dev / tester awareness. At one point I took a bit of a short cut and my thrall was standing on a cliff side just looking down so I had to guide him all the way around and navigate a foot-path with zero climbing or even rock hopping. Which as I said is understandable to an extent but really threw me off since I had been playing until 4 am two nights ago now, and yesterday the new changes threw me off. First I figured out the new camp fire mechanism and I ran into the demonic hyena pack leader, and then I noticed my thrall was just not keeping up as expected.

And of course the power in my town went out as soon as I figured all of that out so yesterday was ‘one of those days’. I’ll be sure to build some path ways as I go next time but I was pack-muling like 99% encumbrance so stopping to try to drag materials in the middle of rhino, elephant and tiger territory wasn’t a real option for me. Good note on the open doors as well, I don’t normally keep a follower, I just try to escort them between my two bases then guard-place them. Thanks again! And yeah, it was minor inconvenience in my case but I can imagine someone using a dedicated follower with high-end gear I’m scrubbing my way towards might have worse issues / oopsie-rage.

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Just discovered other places that thralls won’t follow or teleport to you, most noticeable one was trying to fight the Kingscourge but my thrall stoped following at the foot of the last set of stair before entering the dungeon. As if there was a wall. Trying to find a work around.
Not such a big problem (depending on your level) but not being able to play the way you want is off putting


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