Thrall Pathing Issues

Game mode: Singleplayer
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: n/a
Region: n/a
Hardware: Series X

Bug Description:

My Thralls are unable to path through the following building pieces:

  • Nemedian Awnings [Sometimes they simply will not move through them at all, only around them. Other times its all fine and dandy for them?]
  • Stable Fence Gate Frame (Pillars) [With or without a door in them, they wont pass through]
  • Nemedian Doorframe with an Arena Door attached [Thralls will pass through if a Nemediam Door is attached but not with an Arena one]
  • Pets such as Wolves, Dogs and Tigers that would visually fit through a doorway cant pass through them.
  • Nemedian Hatch & Hatch Frame [my thrall literally falls right through them to the floor below when trying to pass over them]
  • Archer Thralls refuse to shoot foes over fences or crenelated walls [I think they cant “see” through them tbh]

I’d also like to suggest an addition command for companions; Back Up. To activate this one, you’d open your gear wheel and press X 3 times without hovering over anything.
This command would cause your companion to back away from when you get within 5m of them, until you recalled them with a normal 3 X’s.

The gearwheel component is to allow us to use the command when stuck with them inside a player structure, as we cant use other commands when looking at anything thats player built.

Expected Behavior:

What actually goes in this section? It seems redundant to me.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Setup a fixed enclosure wherein a thrall or pet can only move to where you tell it to by passing through one of the above building pieces/configuration
  2. Have the Companion follow you through the building piece to the other side
  3. Profit?

Hey @tobbiusness

Thank you for the detailed report. We’ve sent it to our team so we can continue cracking down on thrall’s general lack of environmental awareness.


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