Thrall Pot Range Issue

I’ve been playing on the America Official Testlive server (w/o mods) and noticed an issue with the thrall feed pot. Once a thrall is designated as using the pot, the pot doesn’t seem to have a range limit. Or at least it has a super increased range limit. My thrall pot is located in the northlands Crevice. My thralls seem to occasionally feed out of the pot as far away as the Unnamed City, Sepermeru and the river by the Tower of Bats. I haven’t gone any farther away yet.

What my thralls would take out of the thrall pot for food was pork. Yet they were getting a stat growth % boost of 7% in both STR and AGI. ???

It didn’t matter if my thrall had another consumable food in their inventory or not. They would still dip into the thrall pot. Also, both Roasted Haunch and the Grilled Steaks didn’t seem to be working right either. My thralls rarely got the correct stat growth % boost and never received any healing benefits from these two foods.

Once I removed food from my thrall pot this phenomenon/ bug didn’t occur.

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Well…I posted in the wrong thread, lmao.

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Are Thrall Pots a thing again? While they are still in game, their usage was pretty much discarded a long time ago, same with the pet feed boxes. Unless, the Testlive version of the game is putting them back again…

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Not that I know of no.

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Using a thrall pot before unlocking or being able to craft a preservation box helps one to preserve their food. That’s what I was doing.

I also like to put food into the thrall pot before a purge.

Okay, that makes sense, especially right before a purge. However, any follower in range will treat it like a smorgasboard.

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