Thrall spawn locations and bugs ruined this game

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ | Bug ]
Region: [US]

I got very lucky early in the game and captured Eina the Light as a thrall. I almost never use any pet or thrall since. Today I upgraded my pit of Yog to max. After making The Tenderizer I walk up the ramp to collect it and Eina Spawns inside of the Pit and dies. Best thing is you can’t select the body of anything inside the pit so I didn’t only lose the thing in the game I cared for the most I lost my Fully Upgraded pit with over 100 tokens just to get the items I had on Eina. This game would be so great if it weren’t for the small but horribly unforgiving bugs that cause major incidents. Like a PVE server where only the owner can loot the body and someone takes all my newly crafted weapons and armor plus over 200 silver and gold coins a skeleton key, and 2h of other materials I had collected. . Thanks for making my miserable existence even worse. Not only can I not walk, barely function because of my health, I get to lose the single thing I care about in the game because of bugs. Blue screens during fights or farming. Comeback in dead. I’m glad that even in a stupid game everything is taken from me.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.max pit of yog
2.walk up ramp favorite thrall spwan inside fire and die with hours worth of materials.
4. Wonder why every horrible thing has to happen to you.

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FYI this is official server 3500. Not that it matters. Not like I’m getting any of my lost items or time back.

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