Thrall stays stuck in combat, or does not move at all anymore

Several times a day a thrall is stuck in combat and does not follow anymore or actually attack anything anymore. Unfollow and follow again or pick up and place to guard does not help. You cannot take the weapons of the thrall. Sometimes it helps if all players leave the render distance of the stuck thrall and then when you come back the problem is gone.

Annoying bug. You can run to the other side of the map and the thrall won’t follow, just standing there (not even stuck with anything).

They also won’t follow command. Last night I found a needed T4 worker and ran away to equip the truncheons but my fighter decided to just stand there in the camp, when I went back to make it move he started attacking the worker almost killing it.

Also they teleport all over the place like dragon ball Z even when they are close to you lol.

And what’s up with the horse running away from you when you are traying to mount? (AND HAVING TO PRESS 5+ TIMES TO ACTUALLY MOUNT UP!!?)

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