Thralls get stuck everywhere

Single player

any terrain

no mods

using two thralls

Every time I go into a combat situation, after the first few opponents at least one thrall becomes unable to leave the spot where they currently stand. NOT in a doorway, NOT on steps, NOT even on uneven ground, just anywhere they happen to defeat whatever current opponent they were fighting. I can give them the return order and they will turn to face me. I can give them a move order and they will face the spot I indicated but they’re rooted in place like a f**kingt tree. The only way to get them to move again is to A) run out of render distance, at which time they will run all the way back to me (not teleport?) which resets all the enemies I’ve cleared so far, or B) manage to drag an enemy to them and hope that they will respond to an attack order or get targeted and hit by the enemy, which has (in my estimation) about a 1 in 5 chance of fixing the thrall.


What are the odds you gave them shields?..

If so… take them away :stuck_out_tongue: shields are not for thralls…

No shields, just weapons or truncheons. Gave up on giving a thrall a shield a long time ago. They never attack again (seems like that anyway). Just stand and block forever.

The thrall is the shield, made of meat.

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As a follow-up:

I experimented with several things, trying to find more triggers, and I am still left with two thralls and combat. One hand weapons, two hand weapons, truncheons, and bows all seem to reach the same result eventually. One thrall standing immobilized, while my other thrall and I are still in the fight. Again, the strangest thing is when I run out of render distance, the frozen thrall won’t pop to my location. The game finally forces the thrall to move and it runs all the way back to me. If the bug wasn’t so frustrating, it’d be comical to see my thrall sprinting all that way like, “Wait for meeeee!!!”

Having the same problem. Thralls are useless for me at the moment