Thrall table spawn rate error?

Real Named thralls spawn rate


  • Lemurian named fighter : broken
So, Mei the Blade NPC does not spawn cause Lemurian named fighter table is broken?
Is this intended or just yet another typo miss bug?

LemurianFighter_RandomLegendary | LemurianFighter_High

The bottom cell of Lemurian fighter spawn rate table could be
“LemurianFighter_Random | LemurianFighter_RandomLegendary”?

To fix, left column is


Right column is


Confirmed working in my own mods.

Funcom already commented on that report though. It is anticipated to see spawn table fixes in a future patch. @Alex02 and I work together on the spawn data tables everytime they are edited for each other’s mods. So if we find future bugs, have faith, they’ll be reported properly.


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