Thrall WakeUp Mechanic (Question/Suggestion)

Ok, so Im building an arena. Actually, this is the second arena I am building. Both on single player, since I am testing out how the build will go (size, what goes where, etc).

I was thinking of eventually rolling it out on an official PvE server. When we are bored, spice things up with a few arena games for fun. Maybe even by then have some end game rewards to hand out as well. Whatever.

The idea was to bonk exiles over the head, drag them into the rooms around the arena, let them all wake up in their “cell” and then open the gates when the “gladiators” are inside during the “games”.

Thralls disappear when they wake up? Is this correct? Or is this in single player only?

Suggestion is to have thralls wake up on spot then try to return home when they do. And if they can’t, remain locked up in whatever place we locked them up in.

The only other solution would be to have them follow us slowly into these cells. Which is not possible for groups as it is hard enough to manage just one of them to go inside. Not to mention that they do not pass gates. For some strange reason, enemy AI does not walk through gates? The hell is that? So we have to “pull” the doors into our inventory, have an exile follow us, then quickly drop the door back on o.O

Isn’t there some way we can tweak some of these mechanics around? Not just for the arena idea, I think it should be something that is changed period for the entire way enemy AI handles doors and gates, as well as were/how they wake up.

I managed to have a legendary monster follow me into one of the cells too, as the big boss confrontation idea, and they too cannot walk through an open gate. It needs to be build in AFTER they have crossed into the cell.

Some replies on how this mechanic works please, and if anyone else agrees on changing the overall behavior of AI in these situations.

edit: ps, it also becomes a problem for when they are IN the cells. They don’t come out to fight unless the door/gate is put back into inventory or broken. Really, this is quite backwards.

Theyve been working on thralls since I can remember, they used to not go up stairs either. I don’t think its a matter of CHANGING the mechanics as that the mechanics don’t really exist yet. Thrall AI is ever changing, evolving. I think a knocked out thrall just disappears after it wakes up, as in goes home, but teleports home. This happens when you arent in the triggered area, If you are, you may see them jump up and run. Its the same principle as when you release a following thrall, If you stay in the area, you can watch them start walking home, but if you leave and come back, they are just gone, teleporting home.

I was right next to the thrall, building. He just disappeared. lol. I think the game just realised there was no path for him and he just teleported to base.

You agree that this should be changed?

I do hope they are working on AI and constantly improving it. I don’t see a reason why they can’t walk through gates. Just tested it again on the new place I built. On the door frames on the one side (without a door, just frame) the exile got stuck and would not go through it. On the other side (its a mirror build) the exile runs through the gate just fine o.O

Then I tested it with the legendary monster too. Same thing. The gate that seems to be “blocking” the AI does so for both. The other gate allows them to walk through just fine.

I sure do hope that this is just things they are fixing and not an intentional design (not letting thralls walk through gates/open doors/etc)

I honestly think they are aware and working on it as well as other AI pathing issues. I know its not working as intended. It took a long time for them to just get thralls to go up a flight of stairs.

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lol. makes sense then. ok thnx there :wink:

If you are playing on a single player/offline server, the thralls will not stay in place for long if you leave the area and are generally not reliable until you break then on a wheel.
If you are playing on a online/live server, the server will keep up with the thrall to a point. They should remain and if you stay in range, they will wake up and want to continue combat with you.
When the server restarts all NPCs, weather thralls or combatants, will return to their starting positions. (If you are not on a live server, traveling out of render range can have the same effect)

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oh ok. so on live servers its mostly a matter of making sure im not on a restart if i want to keep them in cells :smiley: got it, thnx :wink:

Right, while the NPCs you have captive is alive and controlled, the spawn will be empty.
The wakeup timer will only count if a player is relatively close to trigger the timer.
All of this is based on weather or not the server will agree with what you want to do.

Good luck with your arena!

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