Thrall with 60k HP. How it possible?

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Hi, everyone. Yesterday I saw another player with a fighter that had 60k hp. When I asked him a question, he replied that he had captured a boss. How is that possible?

Was it the arena champion on official server? Its an exploit , you should report the player.

It was a male fighter. Not the champion of the arena, then.

Am I correct in understanding that there are no legal ways to upgrade a warrior in this manner? And bosses don’t captured.

This is only possible with a mod that allows you to capture human bosses. I think it’s called ‘Bosses de thrallable’. But now the bosses have little health, far from everyone can be pumped up to 60,000, the champion of the arena is impossible even with the ‘100 levels’ mod.

It used to be possible to knock out Human Bosses with an exploit.

From the comment section, it was apparently patched in the Age of War.

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It happened on the official PvE server. I finded screenshot.

I see, so this guy is a cheater. I will not report him, after all this is a pve server, let him live with it. I don’t think he’ll be interested in playing with such an imba.

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It can only be Valis the Loyal, judging by the appearance and vitality…


Greetings Exiles,

Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket, as we do consider this an exploit:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here: