Thralls and deleting them unfair

For us players that have been around for a long time I think it is unfair of you to take our thralls that we worked hard for, I see Vathis is in the " Delete " list, I find this highly unfair of you.


In the same situation, FunC0n made a mistake and wants to remove the error in the worst way, also removing the npc from players who had the work of hours going on the volcano to get the strongest npc that existed at the time and now they simply want to steal This is us, I find it unpleasant for them to do this.

The company is not capable of correcting their bugs every time they fix one thing, they spoil two, usually things that they have already solved.

Many players are giving up playing not because the game is bad, the game is great, but because more and more appear bugs that favor players and these benefit, attacking hiding and duplicating without any punishment.

I myself was a victim of bugs that the company did not correct, a clan that entered a long time in my server, they were duplicating things to grow fast and left destroying everything, I lost my bases, had to hide, because the company does not observe and respond and do not punish those players who abuse bugs that make them practically gods.

I think it’s easier for them to punish me for talking openly what many players are feeling like saying, I have four thousand hours of play I’ve already helped a lot of players and encouraged many others who come in for the first time, but the company does not want to know any of this, simply live doing a lot of DLC to get more money and never solve those little things that makes the game disloyal to many if I openly talk about the bunch of bugs I know and that the company constantly fixes and re-releases the same bugs everyone would be amazed .

I only ask for more care with who actually puts money in their FunC0n pockets, because you are losing your players.


You have enjoyed an imbalance for a long time. Why not look on that bright side?


Because some people have Vathis. Others have pre-nerf Crom Blades and Atlantean Swords.

That’s why.

You guys kill me sometimes.


Loosing a beloved thrall :scream: It’s a barbaric world :sneezing_face:



Oh I’m a barbaric boy, living in a barbaric world…

Yes, I’m a barbaric boy, living in a barbaric world…



Yes. An exclusive “backer” bonus, just like Vathis, who is an exclusive veteran bonus.

Wether intended or not doesn’t make one or the other any less or more exclusive.

How does any of that make Vathis any less exclusive than the Atlantean Sword?

Vathis should not be removed. He may have been unintended but he’s not over powered. A lot of these legacy items you can’t get anymore have tremendous trade value. I still had one female Vathis left I wanted to trade for one of the few items I still don’t have. She’s now worthless.

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I will link u to khitan throwing axes if u like…


I never bothered with getting Valthis, but people seem to be very attached to it. Maybe give it a french maid outfit and 1 HP and let them keep it…

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A Vathis statue was suggested since for many the thrall has sentimental value apparently.


God widh i knew gor i couldve removed my stuff. They couldve just fixed them like they do other things in the game. lost alot of hard to get stuff. 2 day notice i dont look on here everyday damit


Really? I have not seeing the warning when i get on Official Server 2727 on Xbox. I only knew about the Vathis purge because of the forum. Not once since this whole fiasco started, have I seen the notice on Xbox. Are you on a different platform? PC/PS4?

I remember right before they were going to make Vathis non-capture. People on my server were saying they better hurry up and get as many as they could, before the patch…lol. Everyone knew it wasn’t intended as a capture thrall, and nobody cared. It was the NPC with the most HP’s and that’s all that mattered. This too shall pass, stay calm and have fun.


It’s not the loss of Vathis that’s a problem. It’s a general shift in the way the game is moving, players paying for Funcoms oversights or mistakes. Nerf after nerf after nerf. It’s quickly sucking the fun out of the game. Who knows what we are gonna lose next quickly becomes who cares after people just move on.

They need to remove dominate out of the game slogan because at this point anything that’s powerful is going to be quickly nerfed.

Edit: the funny thing this is just after they let arrow dismantling run on for way too long genuinely messing up game balance.


I honestly don’t see nerfs, I see changes, some good, some not so good, but overall this game has come a long way since EA1. For anyone that didn’t play EA, I realize the expectations are high, but for those of us that did, we see the game today as a HUGE improvement. over what it was for 16 months. Back when we used the steam CE forums it got pretty toxic at times. That’s why its kind of amusing to see all of this craziness over a thrall that wasn’t even supposed to be domesticated. I think the game is moving foward nicely, seeing the whole evolution of it from day one. Is it perfect…no.


You may not see nerfs - but I see…

Especially because someone whines about an issue where it affects PvP or PvE.

Nerfcom, er… I mean Funcom, should make SEPARATE changes to PvP and PvE environments respectively - NOT to the entire game (but that’s just my opinion).


I remember the old Steam forums. I barely posted back then, so the switch over to separate forums may not be all good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: