Voting. Decision on Vathis. Your opinion is important, thanks


In the light of recent events with the removal of slaves, I decided to create this survey. I wonder what other players think about this. I read a lot of comments and ask you to vote to see it better. Thanks.

Topic of discussion

Important announcement about wiping of some thralls in Official servers

The speech in this survey concerns only one slave “Vathis”. He was already caught a long time ago. If it was a mistake, it was difficult to understand. He has 7155 HP and a unique name, otherwise it is an ordinary fighter tier4.
I have already expressed my opinion in detail in the comments below. Also, I asked respected administrators to explain the reason for the removal of this slave (as was the case with the emissary). But alas, no one answered.
Removing the emissary, they said that it would cause an imbalance. Maybe. What imbalance causes Vatis? No imbalance (time proves). Much time has passed and everything was good.


By the way, initially the topic was only a message about the removal of an emissary and the fact that it would cause a big imbalance. Interesting.

PC Hotfix (12.05.2019) - Critical fixes

Therefore, I offered several options in the vote. Including, leave the Vathis with a low HP, but enough so that he does not die of one blow.

My comment. Suggestion

Friendly Reminder: Emissaries + VATHIS + Many Others Being REMOVED

To many, he is dear as a memory. Memories, this is what keeps so many players in the game for a long time. These players create additional content on servers and help newbies. I think their interests should be considered too.

I ask you to take it seriously to this vote. Perhaps the developers will think about their decision better and listen to the players this time.
Thank you for your time and attention.

  • 1-Don’t delete or change Vathis.
  • 2-Change the parameters to t4 or t3, but don’t change the name or appearance.
  • 3-Change only the level of HP to 2-5 thousand.
  • 4-I have Vathis. Remove to all.
  • 5-I don’t have Vathis. Remove to all.

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Friendly Reminder: Emissaries + VATHIS + Many Others Being REMOVED

Honestly I was really upset of this change, but the real problem for me it was I had no warnings, and I think it’s a little revolution for us “old” players.

Before the big update making thralls better than pets honestly I had few fighters thralls, and Vathis ofc but it was honestly a medium t4 fighters, not a good one.

That update, some months ago, changed all, making it a good choice.

So I’m sure all of us old player had at least one of them. I had more than one of them, to be honest.

But Funcom now provided a warning no one could ignore, wich is a good thing for me, they allow us the time to change and be prepared.

So, well when you lose something it’s never a wonderful thing to be happy, but I think it’s right: new players can’t capture him, and I fail to see the point in keeping it nerfed, because I had already to replace my base defences, and even if you take nerfed you’ll have to place new good fighters anyway. PvE and PvE-C servers have already too unused thralls ruining server performances.

So let us the time to complete the adaptation to the new situation, than remove them all.


i dont’t have vathis, but i will be losing an emissary. they should all be deleted, not fair to 1000s of players who never had the chance to get them, sorry.


This is ridiculous.

You’ve already nerf’d his health down to that of the other Volcano thralls.

Why remove him? I’ve spent hours of my life farming them. If you now take them all away, you are taking my time without recompense.



Could look on the bright side, you have had a positive imbalance for a long time.


I’m losing just under 50 Vathis and am pretty happy to see this finally fixed. Right now I’m using this motivation to set up an outpost at Sep while I farm out Bandit Leaders. They are pretty hard to take down lol, nothing like 3 hitting Vathis who never fought back and had no support. I’m enjoying the motivation, personally.


Exclusivity Argument
Equal opportunity is invalid as long as the Atlantean Sword exists.
In order to offer equal opportunity to everyone, at this point, all official servers must be wiped due to Arrow Dismantling Exploit, Grandfathered Crom Blades, various volcano crafting thralls that were 100% spawn in the past and so much more. Doing that will be the decline of CE, and Funcom will experience a backlash.

Principle Argument
Vathis was never intended to be capturable, therefore no one is allowed to have him.
The above argument is convenient to anyone who has nothing to lose or gain from this.
If Funcom is allowed to RetCon mistakes out of existance, what sort of precedence does this set for future content, which will inevitably bug at some point, as Conan Exiles history has shown?

Players can not read the mind of Funcom when it comes to intention. Many believed it was fine to have Vathis, because he didn’t seem out of place, or overpowered.

There was a similar case in the past where functional warpaint was permanent until death. Everyone thought this was an intended feature, until it was changed, completely out of the blue.

If principles are to be followed without clemency, then at least have the decency to write a glossary of intent, and don’t keep players guessing, only to take joy away from them for YOUR short-sightedness.

Balance Argument
Vathis can be balanced to be equal or weaker than Daicas or Spinas.


Perhaps you `re right. For me, it is only a pleasant memory of the old days. Already talked about the fact that exclusive things are in many projects and should be. There are things that never happen again. Talk about what newbies can’t get it. Sorry, I do not think this is an argument. He does not give any advantages. He gives only satisfaction that he is :slight_smile:

In addition, these things are a very good gift for beginners. I often do this on the official server, where I have been playing for 1.5 years already. I like to please adequate players and help them. I no longer have them as items, only 3 that have already been posted.

I would be very happy if those that exist in the world would remain. Or at least 1. I would really like to leave the girl Vatis. It was spent a lot of hours to get it. I managed to get it shortly before their declaration of peace.

Therefore, I would like them to be simply left, even with 1000 HP.

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Well i’m glad you are having fun. Mind letting the rest of us keep our fun?


My choice isn’t listed, but I’d say change to a T3 or T4 with the same appearance and change the name to avoid confusion and future conflicts.


Nothing is stopping you from going out and getting more thralls <3 And I’m not a dev, so this isn’t my decision, I’m just choosing not to be upset about it.


Usually I’d get upset by a reply like that, but I’ve learned to tell if someone’s being unreasonable on purpose.

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For me, no problem replacing slaves. I use other, stronger fighters, but rarely. Playing on the pve server is not a problem.
But a long game on the pve server leads to a loss of interest. Therefore, memories and such trifles are very important to us.

I believe that we could have made the opportunity to “let go of the slave.” So he just left and disappeared after a while. Or right away. That would solve the problem. Dodge 1 and try to kill, it’s long and cruel. :slight_smile:


Just because I disagree with your position, does not make it unreasonable.


BTW, while I realize that this may be a moot point where Vathis themself is concerned, I still feel the poll is worthwhile to help inform Funcom on how we would prefer future retcons to be handled. So IMO, it’s still a debate worth having, chiefly for the reasons @Halcyon lists.


If you were reasonable, you’d suggest that Funcom aught to launch new servers to offer equality to everyone and you’d have fun finding motivation.
Instead your opinion is focused on unilaterally accepting and defending a solution at the emotional expense of everyone else.

The difference between you and me is I actually consider other people’s situational constellations and offer solutions that doesn’t hurt people.

That is being reasonable.

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One moment I did not take into account when creating a vote. In essence, voting is: remove or not remove. Therefore, it is necessary to sum up the votes on 1 + 2 + 3 points = not to delete. And 4 + 5 = delete.


Allowing people to keep armies of powerful thralls that were all but free, while new players have no such option is appealing to peoples emotions? Whatever you need to tell yourself man.

I do support them opening new servers though, for a fresh experience for the players who wish that.


It makes sense. Speech about equality of players in time of the game can not be at all. In addition, servers are not moderated, which already implies to this. However, developers continue to interfere with the game on the servers. I believe that soon they will completely depart from their recent policies. Which was the basis for the purchase of this game. I thought they wouldn’t go for that. I remember the official statement that they will never moderate and interfere with the game on the servers. But in small steps, they begin to change it. It is sad.

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What are powerful slaves? They are weaker than the existing t4 and almost equal to t3. About that and speech, that you can simply change their power and equate to volcano t3. Or even leave 1000 hp and make them a memory.

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