Grandfather Vathis - Double Standards and The Solution for it

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Why Vathis? And why without official warning?

Today I decommissioned my Vathis guard. Barely 900 HP difference between Vathis and Daicas, and Vathis has less strength, not really OP right? Considering Bearers have almost 10K in HP.

And I had several Blade of the Adventurer and Crom Blades on them… I only knew to save those items because apparently your hotfixed didn’t work or wasn’t designed for Vathis.

But there are people with a lot of valuable things on those Thralls. You can’t just carpet bomb them without warning. What sort of precedence does that set? Really doesn’t inspire confidence in the thrall system at all, if people have the feeling Funcom can just nuke Thralls anytime they want without notice!

I understand that Vathis was never intended to be captured. But Vathis is part of CE history.

It can be argued that it isn’t fair that certain people have Vathis and others will never have the opportunity to tame him/her, but as long as grandfathered Crom-blades exist, as long as the Atleantean Sword will forever be exclusive to a select few, this is a blatant double standard!

Mikey said something profoundly true, as I was discussing this issue with him:

Vathis can be brought down to the same level as Daicas.

Consider Vathis a “cosmetic” version of Daicas, with the same exclusivity as the Atlantean Sword.


knowing that this is after one year and that a valthis is not better than a captain, or spinas

yes i can’t wait to see the reaction of the 90% players nerver coming here lost thier valthis , go on!


They wiped vathis also? Even though we aquired him on a period when he was intended to be capped?

He was fighting back… and the non 100% mamed in volcano was up since official release m8, corrected not long ago

I expect Funcom to nerf Vathis through the ground, but not stealth-remove him.

And the devotees in his vicinity all aggroed when you attacked Vathis. It’s not like he was a freeby.

And what of Sayed the Secret Keeper, Enis the Gobbler, Risa the Brutal and That Blacksmith?

Will they be removed too for having been 100% spawns in the past?

Carpet bombing problems and hedging bets on “one misses not a luxury unknown” secrecy is not a path I want Funcom to tread lightly.


After one year of using a thing that looked totally normal, not a bug (not fighting back ? I was killed one time by him !) you can’t change it !

I spent 10 months in enslaving thralls to watch my bases, I have now to restart all of this because FC’s fault ?

I will accept a change: substitution of thrall (even if let me say: what’s the point in wiping out something totally balanced ?) with another one. Not the wipe out.

I love this game too much to quit maybe, I’m under shock so I don’t decided at this point, and I noticed this awful news, think the ones who never opened this forum and they will lose their only copy of Sword of Crom or other valuable equipments in this process how upset they will be.

The point is FC will lose players with this decision, so the decision is bad.

Please change it. It’s an huge mistake !


They haven’t stealth removed Vathis and you agreed that he was never intended to be captured. On the other hand, I somewhat can’t agree with a statement: “We knew it was wrong, however we have exploited this bug for so long that now it is unfair to fix it”. It is about what is right and wrong and whether you want to take advantage of the situation or do the right thing. I know for the most pvp players, the way would always be abuse early, abuse often because they want to win no matter how.


Cobra Kai had a similar slogan, strike first, strike hard. But abuse early, abuse often is :laughing:

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Having said that, thank you PvP players, because if your “issues” we get to have a lot of bugs revealed and fixed :slight_smile:


We never noticed it was at all a bug until they made him speak instead of fight only few time ago !

We exploited anything, it’s giving Sword of Crom, a weapon designed for 1 hit and them stop for a while, to a thrall because they have not stamina drain an exploit, not this !

It was just another t4 fighters, a normal one until one update making it a good one.

It was not the emissary: if you enslave the emissary you notice that’s something strange in a thrall with the hp of a world boss !

Vathis was just normal stats, and it has normal stats, so there was no way to understand it was “unintended” as a thrall until they made him speak recently.

And this appeared as a new feature, a change, not a bugfix, if you’re not reading carefully the release notes of updates (let me say: not the most part of peoples !)

This is the problem, you’ll have an huge number of old players who’ll simply lost most valuables resources (sword of crom, legendary weapons, flawless epic hevay armors, silent legion armors etc.) without a word of warning in game !

I don’t have a sword of crom, but even if I will able to recover all my other things, the idea of losing 40 thralls and have to spend all the time now to remake my defences piss me off a lot, I’m considering to quit at all !


This is why it was included in the patch notes and we are doing our best to post it in all media: reddit, discord, in-game chats, official forums, everywhere. Do your server a favour and warn them!

This isn’t the last time this issue will happen.
It’s the way Funcom handles this problem that raises concern.
This needs better organization / smarter damage control.

Warning everyone first is the right solution.
Nerfing Vathis is the best solution.

I agree with the fixing. But whether Vathis was meant to be captured or not, he is not overpowered.

Vathis needs to be re-considered, because he has more than just grandfather status. The most important question to ask is “why”.

And “Because he was never intended to be captured” is not an answer, because captured he already has been and it doesn’t hurt to let him live.

It’s like deporting immigrants who have perfectly integrated into society just because they were never supposed to be there in the first place.


Vathis is an illegal… and plenty of servers built a wall in the volcano… :thinking:

one year after………. one year after; really ?

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Vathis never did anything to protect himself from slavery, nor did any off his followers resist it happening when i farmed him. It was cheesy, and the only struggle i faced was the boredom between respawns. I will not miss him at all.

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To me the issue was not Vathis (or any other named thrall)… the issue is the way they chose to address it and ofc the timeframe… the only reason noone attacked u is the wrong placement of devotees as he was placed away from their aggro range. If u attacked him when the two patroling devotees were near enough they aggroed…


Yeah? Decas the Blacksmith was also 100% spawn, with a bugged bodyguard who was stuck in the rocks. But everyone seems to magically forget about him cuz I’m sure he will be missed.

Same applies to a lot of other nameds.

I’m frankly terrified everytime CE get’s an update TBH… I feel like we all stand to lose something everytime Funcom decides to “restore balance” in a post-arrow dismantling world.


Dont have the blacksmith, i enjoy my titty Beri enough.

Would explain why you are so cool about it then.
Vathis is a lot more than just an illegal immigrant. He’s a status symbol and friend of many.
His novelty value is what makes him so special. He’s not even as strong as Daicas or Spinas.


It could seem like a double standard from the customer’s perspective, but we are ignoring that one of these items was an incentive to generate revenue early. Money now is always better than money later. The gaming industry is a collection of businesses above all else, not non-profits.

Conan’s Atlantean Sword was only available with the physical copy of game. The Physical pre-orders was limited to the Day One Edition of the game. Since Conan Exiles was released on May 08, 2018 it is no longer available to pre-order.”

Money now = Exclusive for life. Guess they don’t consider that a double-standard.

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