Grandfather Vathis - Double Standards and The Solution for it

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Fighters from the location of the volcano were humiliated completely unfair !!! They were not so easy to catch, and I was able to take possession of about 30 pieces, but the developers behave like the last pigs and make the nerf. For example, the captain always appears in the same place, unlike slaves from a volcano, the developers do not value my time in the game!

I did not expect such a ■■■■ from this game! Bravo!

why the captain deserves more honor than other fighters! I’m mad at this sh1it! I spent a lot of time on the volcano and why do I need fighters with 6k hp

What speaks against nerfing Vathis instead?

Just Nerf Vathis, and be done with it. No difference than a weapon that is later determined to be over powered, or a tactic like the spear where you stab and roll. Chalk this up to a nod to the players that have them, and that continue to play the game/buy the DLC. All of these issues should really be non issues. Funcom should really not be making these blatant type of mistakes when they roll out patches period. Not when they have a TESTLIVE SERVER and a DEDICATED PORTION OF THE FORUM FOR THIS SERVER. My opinion is, if the error makes it past testlive, and they later discover the issue they should proceed as follows. 1. Fix the issue from occurring (In this instance Vathis should not be enslaved). 2. Nerf this to a comparable weapon/thrall (in this case a T4 thrall). I have 0 of these thralls, but I really hate the constant changes they make not in content, but in rule changes. I swear they’re like legislators making laws without taking their ADD medicines.


I am completely against them whiping Vathis. What’s next? The chieftains? Our dlcs? Anything funcom decides a year from release that they want to just get rid of? I have NEVER played an MMOrpg that crapped on their players as much as this. WOW, skyforg, ESO all had events with rare items never to be gotten again. They are playing a dangerous game with their lies. “Vathis never intended to be in the game” ? Well I never intended to buy your game Funcom, so give me back my money


I cant even get on my damn server 1580 because it crashes every 5 minutes because of bugs and cheats that don’t seem to get fixed. How can you remove a thrall that has been tamed for over a year and we can’t even log in to atleast take our gear off them

Trolling people is not helping your case much. I don’t agree with what you or funcom are saying about removing fun from Conan. That’s all.

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I believe u made it clear that u do not care. The rest of us care though. We marked ur opinion so if u got nothing constructive to say, at least keep it civilized or grab ur popcorn and stay silent…


While I’m not necessarily opposed to the removal of Vathis, I think grandfathering is a far better idea…

This great game we all love so much, sadly has a history of ■■■■■■■■ over pve and single player.

Can we all remember the great orb nuke of '18?
Demonfire orbs were being duped by a select few pvper’s causing the rest of the pvp community to complain about it. Rightly so.

The solution to that was deliver was to wipe everyone’s orbs pvp or not.
This created quite a bit of backlash. Rightly so.

Along with all the other nerfs - passive regen, healing level of certain items, obsidian, etc - some stealth, some announced, we now loose Vathis.

The wipe off orbs was necessary for balance on pvp. Fair players were at a disadvantage to cheats.
While extremely annoying on pve, it was no biggie. Just a lot of wasted hours farming.

The wipe of Vathis has no good out come for anyone. Some one may have a base with 50 of him/her guarding it, had Vathis not been obtainable that base would now be guarded by dalinsias, berserkers and captains.
What this wipe will actually do is disadvantage that person, who is a long term player, by rendering their base unguarded until replacements can be found.
I haven’t played a lot of pvp in Conan but I know everyone who does would be staking that base out.

I waffled on a bit but the point being that, unlike orbs, having Vathis niether advantages or disadvantages anyone.


I was really, really, really upset about this situation yesterday.

The problem for me it’s not Vathis or not Vathis, the problem was it was a revolutionary change, because Vathis was good as the Captain and few others, but it was a 100% granted spawn, so all of us have tons of them watching our bases or having them as follower with most valuable things we was able to provide them.

Wiping out him without a word, just as it was a glitch, without a warning… was just awful.

For me… it was a huge loss of time, for the ones who never open the forum would be a real loss.

Today I’m REALLY pleased when I’ve seen Funcom heard us and it placed a warning when I logged in to the server.:smiley:

And ok, now I can deal with it :slightly_smiling_face:

That was one step towards the right direction …
But not a just for the ones who farmed him… he should be replaced with same region equal tier thrall.
They did not even wiped named ones when was the bug that made ALL named across map 100% spawn… they did not wiped bars despite their mistake with dismantling bench, not to speak about the fragments of power, or reseting all characters who advanced to lvl 60 via blunted javelins or explosive/vapor traps… how can Vathis be not intended and all these were intended?
And idc if someone found it fun on capturing the specific one or not… neither I care about how many each have… and idc if the company wishes to change his state or not. I really care about how just is the way it is done and how much the company respects the ones who play the game and their effort ingame… I play since pre-release and have 2,3k hours in this game, so I guess I like it. What we shout for here is our concerns about a bad and not fair decision taken by devs (cause be sure they never have the full correct opinion -and that is why game is still under development)…
So pls dev hope u r hearing this forum very very carefull…


+1 with 5200k hours :wink: but well if they missed to remove vathis as they intended to do it it’s may be because one developper realized it’s was a very very bad idea and probably a mistake to put it in the removal list :wink: and ignored the instruction. you know, hum let’s see, 40k Thrall, 40k thrall 40k Thrall, oh vathis 7k thrall, error !


I wish this is true (I hope at least)

Honsetly I don’t care.
Stripped them and placed them into a corner until their utter demise. Already got better thrall fighters.
The time Vathis was introduced and you could catch him, it was obvious they never intented it that way. Since he was more powerfull at that time, showed no resistance and was for story reason only, nobody can claim not to be aware of that.


I’ve always considered Vathis intentional to be captured, but bugged in implementation.

He’s someone standing in the middle of a buncha worshippers. You’d think this was a challenge for players to fight through the congregation and mug him.

People were taking advantage of the fact that the congregation didn’t aggro (congregation always aggroed on me, donnoh why it doesn’t for most people), not taking advantage of the fact that Vathis was bugged, because nobody knew he was actually bugged.

He didn’t have 60,0000000 HP or one-shot things. It wasn’t obvious enough for most people that he wasn’t meant to be captured.

Infact, it was so unobvious, he wasn’t a priority to Funcom!

Imagine you are a player who just joined the game, and never experienced Vathis as a Talky NPC.
And these states last for MONTHS, while Funcom work on the next mega-patch.

It’s really not that far of a stretch to see that people thought Vathis was a capturable and it was fine.


I liked this comparison. Only you know what will happen? It’s like just banning you from accessing the game, but not returning the money. Also with vatis. No one will return the time.

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Initially he was a story npc. You could go and click to interact and he would tell you a story… In a female voice.
Not long after launch he just stopped talking and became captureable.
I think most people took this as a sign that he was intended to be this way as also he now started re spawning as a she 50% of the time.

Maybe this is all a bug due to the genders being off ( am I allowed to say that in 2019?) Male character with female voice over.
I have to wonder why Vathis was implemented in both genders if s/he is meant to be story only.


Funcom does do sweeping changes.

Vathis is directly linked to Skelos, who in turn is linked with sorcery. With sorcery being on indefinite hold one would think Vathis was “demoted” to being a regular T4.

Nothing was indicated otherwise. Players believe what they see (a capturable Vathis), and this was their truth for a long time.

To Funcom, this was an unfortunate bug that they want to rectify. To players this is an expensive mismanagement that will repeat itself in the future.


This is one of those arbitrary decisions that does more harm than good. You are punishing players for YOUR mistake by removing Vathis. I completely understand taking out the 40khp thralls because it is unbalanced, but not Vathis. Shortly after you removed the ability to capture it, you put in an identical thrall named Captain with the same hp and 100% spawn rate. Now he’s gone and yet you changed another thrall to take its place.

People have been able to capture T4 fighters identical to Vathis for quite a long time, it doesn’t make ANY sense to remove them now after this long, and I only have 1 left on the server I play on.

If it were a balancing issue, I would understand. But it’s not. You are punishing people a year later for something that was not their fault. The population has already plummeted, and decisions like these only serve to make things worse. There’s no logical reason for it and I’m so sick of these types of things happening.