How long before Bandit Leader wipe?

We should plan accordingly now.

Why wipe? His hp is already lowered…

can another player knock your bandit leader out?

That’s what we thought about Vathis :wink:


Well Funcom did specifically say that they would not be removing already thrall-converted Bandit leaders. Only that that they where making the Bandit leader etc from that area of Sepermeru immune from knocking out and hence not capturable for conversion on a thrall wheel.
So based on that statement I’d say probably not wiped anytime soon unless players report issues with them. Eg being OP with weapons

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I’ll give that a solid ‘schmaybe’. Since the exact same could be said for Vathis.

That said, I hope you’re right. Not for my own sake (I don’t use Bandit Leaders). But the paranoia will really set in if they do it again (actually isn’t paranoia if it’s true heh)

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Was Vathis back then the strongest fighter? Before he got wiped?

No. He had less HP than ‘similar’ thralls (at the end). Though it fluctuated a bit over time.

The curious thing is that they let us keep the, erm, recruited Captains even though they were otherwise sent back to Stygia or wherever they came from.

Maybe I shouldn’t have reminded them of that. Funcom, don’t you dare take my namesake thralls away from meeee!

It is ok, T4 volcano fighters are not even rare. You can replace anything in no time.


Thats the thing. Vathis wasnt the best, but still got removed way later then.

He was easy to capture, what I read in some other threads.

Did the world end with its removal? No, people went and got a few bandits. Will the world end with bandits removal. No, people will go and capture some volcano thralls. Gives people something to do. Like with many other games, the grind never ends. Once you think you are done, something new gets introduced or “balanced”

Silently watching.


Bandit leaders and Captains army internal security now. There is a chest around here somewhere full of them.

I sure hope FUcom does not reneg on this issue.

Personally. I have only 1 bandit leader and I hope she never leaves my side.

I wouldn’t mind so much if there was an option to rename thralls. (I’m flexible)

Potion of Amnesia or something that lets you rename a thrall. I mean… they did just get knocked out…

Kinda silly having 20 or so twentuplets called Dalinsia.

The difference between Vathis and the bandit leaders(and captains) is he is Thrall you talk to. they weren’t.

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Ok fine, I had previously made no mention of Vathis in relation to this thread but I love how Mikey just can’t resist.

Funcom gave @Kwalya the solution and I agree with that statement but I still hold to the OP question because, nobody answered this:

And the answer is NO

This gives Bandit Leaders a distinct advantage over any other thrall you can pull off the wheel.

Is there ANY other thrall that ANYONE in this game can possess that you can give legendary gear to and have immunity to knock out? This combination means the only way to take these thralls down in pvp is thru health damage. And anyone that doesn’t have the luxury of the acid arrow approach (possibly due to time or design constraints) knows the next best solution is KO.

So, let’s talk about “THE MIGHTY VATHIS” - Dressed in equal gear, and given only lovetaps. My vathis (if still alive) loses to your bandit leader EVERY TIME. Therefore making Bandit Leader even superior to Vathis (deemed too great a threat).

New players are also at a disadvantage since they cannot have 200 of these concussive immune thralls that you can dress in legendary gear guarding your castle.

So in conclusion,

Reconsider for balance sake (Not whining, I have bandit leaders, you can’t knock them out even during pvp raid times)

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Thank you. I’m glad you came back to the punchline. :+1:

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I gave it a couple days to self correct to no avail

I tried it this morning and was just about to release the Ruined Joke Chicken meme. Has anybody put in a Bug Report? The problem is, and you likely retro-engineered this problem prior to testing it, this concussable status is a global one and thus our BL is in a state of relative Invulnerability. Because they still hit pretty hard.