Seppimaru T4 Thralls, Captain and Bandit Leader

Rumor has it that Funcom is planning to render the Bandit Leader uncatchable due to it aparently being too easy to get as a thrall… Me I think this is a mistake. (I also think removing the Captain from the spawns entirely was a mistake as well…)

My suggestion is simple: If you don’t want these T4’s to be so hard to catch why not shift them over to being purge thralls? (A new bandit faction raid for the region would be cool and the Captain seems like the sort of person who should be showing up in Relic hunter raids.)

Other suggestions: Rename “Raw ash” to “Volcanic ash”(I feel calling the ash you can only get from the volcano “volcanic ash” would clear up a lot of early confusion from people who wonder why you can’t just get raw ash from burning wood…

Also if it’s true that we can’t randomly get pearls from oysters and can only get them from the new Dagon dungeon maybe they should be called “Tears of Dagon” to better reflect where they come from…


I’m personally fine with the removal of the Bandits as captureable thralls. Bringing back the Captain would be welcome, even if it was as a very rare spawn.

I am against locking even more content behind the Purge gates, given that The Purge is now intended to be a mechanic only for people who play a lot, by design.


I have to agree, the purge is definitely for large clans or people that play constantly. Those of us that don’t play as much never get a chance at the named thralls that come with it. Don’t add purge content that a lot of us wont have access to. In other words, as a solo or 2 player clan, I have to marathon play for 4 or 5 days to try to get a purge so I can “maybe” get a specialty thrall. They need a purge “camp” you can go to and try to get these thralls. Its unfair to the casual player.

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Not to mention that often the purge can glitch resulting in a loss of a thrall.

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Well I for one think it’s unfair to new players who might want their own Bandit leader or Captain to have zero chance of getting one under any circumstances… (I also don’t think it would be fair to remove the T4 thralls we’ve captured)

So I was just trying to brainstorm an idea for how to increase the rarity without removing the option of capturing them.
(Without knowing why they keep giving Seppimaru T4 thralls that then become unavailable to capture at a later date, I can only speculate on the idea that they want T4’s to be rare…)

I just wish we had a clear idea of what sort of balance Funcom is going for here… (Or at least for them to be constant in communicating why they keep changing things like this…)

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Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers are as tough as Captains and Bandit Leaders, and there are a couple you can pull away from their party without aggroing the whole crowd. In Sepermeru you need to fight a group of bandits (two or three at a time if you’re careful) and risk accidentally aggroing half the city while doing so.

So I wonder if they’re going to make Treasure Seekers uncatchable as well, or if they’re intended to be a reward for those who brave the Unnamed City.

Players have complained that there’s little incentive to go to the Volcano to hunt for thralls because Sepermeru is so much easier to access - which is true, of course. But removing these easy-to-catch thralls would again make Sepermeru unattractive. Sure, it’s a fun place to go all Aladdin and race across rooftops and loot chests, but there’s only so much thick leather one needs (saying this as a person who has equipped dozens of thralls with heavy armor, and quite a few with epic heavy).

And the only bar in the Exiled Lands doesn’t even sell beer.


I didn’t mean any harm by my statement. I personally agree. There needs to be at least s replacement. Captain etc.

Lisa O the Longbow is good and all. But she’s not a fighter.

This is where I think spawn rates should matter and would be a better way of balancing this out… of course they could leave the bandit leader thrall-able but only have one of him spawn and stick his spawn in the new dungeon… perhaps near the human boss who is clearly not thrall-able?

Of course they could have just made the bandit leader harder to knock out rather than impossible…

I m8ssed it, is bandit leader getting removed, or should I go stockpile?

Bandit Leaders (and the other “Bandits” ie Thug, Prowler etc) will no longer be tameable. But they will still exist in the game as enemies, and current status is that any you have converted prior to the patch will remain as your thralls.

If enough people do stock up, I reckon it might conceivably lead to them being removed at a future date the way Vathis was (I fail to see the difference). Not that I want that to happen, once was bad enough (I don’t use Bandit Leaders* but it’s the principle of the thing). While word right now is that they will remain, that has proven to be subject to change in the past.

*with one exception, I found a female one that had huuuuge… tracts of land.


When will the update for bandit leaders be rolled out on ps4?

When will the update be rolled out on ps4?

when it passes cerification :slight_smile:

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But do they have any good loot to kill them, or just will get in the way when you come to loot chests? I’ve looted Sep chest from lvl 1 getting enough Thick leather to dress up myself and my first follower Thralls - T1 Exile Fighters :wink: So I didn’t kill those bandits yet, just ran away from them.

They did say that they will not be removed from the database. Currently I rely heavily on them as base defense against purges.

They along with Some named archers support my base.

But I have been noticing that even Sep City tier 3 fighters are still effective. They only have 5000 or so HP. But they do the job quite well. I just dont give them the best weapons I give the named.

Named thrall are good and all and ofcourse they are preferred but as a test I brought a Stygian tier 3 fighter to the unnamed city and the difference in kill time for bosses was negligible.

It was nore the regen time needed to get them to heal. Easily mitigated through use of healing arrows.

What I would like is a simple check box to turn purge decay off. Would solve the issue of no purges for people that cant play as much. It might be every week or so then but you wouldnt have to marathon to get them. For those that want it to decay and avoid the purge they can still do that.

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I like that idea. I played for three days straight and finally got a purge and it was some Yeti’s at my old clanmates base in the north that we had abandoned…lol. They destroyed the base and the purge ended…

What adventures in 3 days filled the meter? 25 bosses in undead city sta me 15% meter fill, and I have a complete base, so building is out

I just rebuild my base at Stargazers. I added an outer wall, towers, an inner keep and a huge cathedral style house. All in Turian and black ice. Building that took me three days and moved my purge meter up pretty fast.

Why waste time with the silly captains and Bandits, real warriors use an army made entirely of the mighty Dina clones.