Thralls and pork glitch

Guys, Do you know when the patch will come to ps4 to correct the porking glitch for thralls… it’s really annoying, some clans are using this and the is no way to fight back.
Is there any way to report it? My clan mates they are thinking to leave the game for good… I would appreciate a Date if you could give me any…

Game mode: [Online
Problem: | Bug
Region: [America]

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@Narelle I can’t find your earlier post and not really sure how to copy could you help poster

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They are also working on undermeshes since the begginig of the game and nothing yet.
Conan is doomed with those GOD thralls and more glitched updates!

Hi @Sepulfly, we’re hoping to release the parity patch as soon as possible, which will address this exploit as well as several others.

In the meantime, you may still report players that abuse this through the following method:

@Ligeiro, we’ll be releasing the anti-undermesh feature on PC Official servers soon, starting with those running the Exiled Lands map as the Isle of Siptah map still needs some tweaks to prevent false positives. More information on this below:

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