Thralls are way to powerfull

as the title says, the thralls are way to powerful, I mean im literally standing there while my thrall pretty much nukes everything while it takes next to no damage, this includes all the bosses accept for one, the only thing that is any form of challenge in this game is the arena champion in warmakers and thats because you have to use a few healing arrows on your thrall but thats about it.

we need to keep thralls to purge defense only and have the purges happen way more often,

the only thing I can think of without breaking the game would be to have thralls get a huge reduction in performance when you have them on follow, but in doing so have the player attributes scale better per point added to a stat.

thralls should be helping support only, not a complete godly dps nuke tank

you shouldnt be able to solo 3 skull world bosses,especialy the dungeon ones, it should be a team effort and have the legendaries drop from the boss instead of having a chest as thats being heavily exploited right now,killing easier bosses for the keys and running around opening the chests,

there are loads of tweaks this game needs in order to make it more fun, and more difficult as the game is just way to easy. like really really easy.this game has so much potential to


If you can’t solo a 3 :skull: boss then that would have a direct impact on SP offline. SP has had far too many nerfs due to the constant whining of the PVP community.



its a 3 skull world boss, you should not be able to solo them

on single player you can mess around with the difficulty settings you cant on official servers

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Why on earth should I have to ‘mess around’ with the difficulty settings to play SP?

As I previously mentioned SP has suffered enough nerfing due to PVP, can you really see the product info stating,

“Single player is only playable with constant adjustment to in game difficulty via options / admin panel”

Er, No.

If you really want things that difficult rent a private server and set the settings yourself, of course you would be playing that level of difficulty from the butt naked level zero arrival of your character in the desert at the start of the game.



I’m in agreeance that thralls really are op. Darkspire has a point tho, nerfing them would affect SP.

I’ve read it suggested that a server setting to scale up or down player Thrall&Pet damage would be great and I agree.

If this is the route the devs want to take, they’d first need to either buff pet damage to match high end thrall damage or blanket balance thralls down to pet levels of damage (probably this one).

(Reason being mainly because the gap is huge between the two, to the point level 20 pets do 70ish dmg. Vs thralls doing 240ish dmg. at level 0 with a starmetal weapon. For reference, this is based off of the “hidden” damage multipliers players discovered in the dev.kit on pc. “Firespark” has a video on it)

With this done, servers could have it so thrall & pet damage dealt is more on par with players as per it being multiplayer, while single player could vamp it up on lower level difficulties, due to solo play.

Then my question is this. Do you have your settings matching any of the 3 official settings? If not, then technically you are already changing settings. Official settings are…get this official. The OP is talking about official settings for 3 skull bosses. Thus, an SP can change it, unless, again, if they are trying to mimic official settings exactly.

You can not change difficulty just for 3 :skull: bosses, official or SP, the two combat difficulty settings are for … get this,all combat, player damage to NPC and the damage the NPC does to the player. When I start a new game it has to be custom as I always set the damage I inflict to be much lower than the damage dished out from an NPC. So if you want to crank things up go play on a private server.


I know that. but you are acting like changing a setting would break the game for you. My point is that SP has the ability, and to use the i shouldn’t have to on this, but will do it on others is inconsistent in thought process. They need to add a boss slider i agree. But until then, 1 could jump into settings adjust the slider for the boss battle only, then jump back out. Would take like 15-20 seconds of ones time. I just don’t like arguments that pick and choose ideology sides to fit the argument they want. Either you are okay with adjusting settings in SP or you are not. How much you adjust is upon you. but to say that the officials should not be balanced because SP would have to admin settings is against the very reason Admin in SP exists.

Yet again you mention official servers, and yes, the settings can not be changed. If you want to change the settings rent or join a private server, that is why folk have the choice, standard rules (official) or custom rules (private) FC have given you the choice. As for your comment regarding SP, yet again I ask why should I have to change the settings every time I come across a boss? Also server settings are separate from the admin panel, the admin panel is activated from the settings, not the other way round.


thralls are the reason why the game is far to easy, giving them such perks like increasing there damage even further would just make the game completely pointless.

the thralls need a huge nerf and the players attributes just need to scale better to compensate.

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I suggested this in another thread but lets quit with the “nerfing” talk. Yes reduce the thralls dmg but put the thralls damage/health and the bosses damage/health on their own sliders or settings. On official the settings can be lower but SP or private servers can raise it to their desired levels. :slight_smile: So yes a “nerf” but one that can be adjusted to peoples preference.

I have to disagree completely with the Soloing on a 3 Skull Boss. It should be doable, perhaps take a lot of time, effort and strategy.
Also, Thralls are by no means OP.
I’ve seen far too many die to 1 skull bosses. Fact is, you can not simplify or lump all into one category. If you armor them properly, add the right weapon and hope that the terrible AI kicks in, you can stand a chance.

Fixing the AI should be #1 in the priorities list.

Then, if the AI actually has the Archer Thralls not firing at empty walls, or the Fighters walking in a square/circle backwards… or just flip their weapon out, spin it and put it away while you’re standing there fighting… waiting for them to jump in and lend a hand… A thrall is supposed to take the place of a partner on adventure. They are not the Solo part of the experience.

As a rule i prefer to see things get buffed than nerffed. The way I see it nerffing takes away someones fun, buffing adds more fun!

I dont really agree with the op thralls though. I mean I agree that they are op, but im cool with it. As previously stated I see my player character as an emperor and my thralls are the loyal champions whove realized that i know best and will die for my empire and glory.

If youre giving star metal weapons to a lvl 1 thrall i can only assume you are in the end game. Why wouldnt your thralls be better equipped and more powerful? Dont give star metal to thralls if you dont want them to be op?

So no, i dont wanna see thralls change (to much, we could polish perks. Both player and thrall.) Im cool with players getting a buff, im cool with pets getting buffs, and ya know what else im cool with? Mechanically more difficult bosses hidden behind a pay wall on a new map!! Or on the base map, im just salty about Conan Sanderbros (Bernie Exiles?) posts my eyes hurt from them.

Oh and im also cool with more beards! Like all the beards, my beard, sestus2009’s beard, Croms_Faithful’s beard (my apologies if you dont have one, you should consider it, but you strike me as that type of guy), CodeMage’s beard (going off your avatar pal), all the beards!! Way higher on my priority list than another crack at thralls unless its to improve their ai or implement “the settlement system” i think when we get there then its time to talk thrall rereworks. Till then man enjoy your slaughter and legendaries cause youve got a champion that will die for your glory.

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That would have been my suggestion but it depends on how it is done, there are quite a few solo players online as well. If the difficulty scales dependant on the amount of players on that server that would screw over any solo players, my second idea was official servers that are scaled in difficulty, each server would be progressively more difficult, maybe have the servers with the same settings as the SP difficulty levels, label each server with the name of the SP difficulty it is derived from that way you would still have official servers but folk would have a choice of difficulty.
Solo players would then know what they are letting themselves in for and not have the difficulty thrust upon them, doing it this way would not change SP offline in any way and experienced folk who want an online challenge would be catered for as well.



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