Thralls cease to attack or follow commands

Online private (Hosted server through the Conan Exiles Client)

Thralls are always on guard me or on attack all hostiles when this bug occurs. Sometimes while in combat, other times while out of it, thralls will stop accepting attack commands and will not fight at all. Thralls cease to attack hostiles and will pull out their weapon if attacked only rarely and will immediately put it back away. Sometimes they manage to get a hit off before going back to a docile state. If engagement is switched to attack none, they behave as expected and will accept attack commands and fight as expected. No weapon swaps have taken place. This occurs with any weapon on any thrall. It can occur mid combat or between logins.

  1. Have a thrall follower
  2. Go fight with it
  3. It randomly stops after a few hours of play, sometimes minutes.
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First, make sure their attack and chase distance is set to maximum.
Second, make sure you assign them either melee or range priority accordingly.
Third, if they are archers and all you want them to do is fire arrows, remove any melee weapons they have on them.
Let us know what happen after you try this.

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