Thralls, cities, and cats - oh my! ;)

4 Suggestions:


  • I get confused easily - I can craft items at stations and in my inventory…
    Seems that all armor, weapons, etc. would be at appropriate station - and while I can sort, it can be kinda unwieldy.

The color code between DLCs etc, would be nice… but you cant really clear out the rest of the items to see what is happening - (isolating only medium armor, etc.)


  • Thralls assigned to stations - please let us give them clothes to wear like other thralls.
    So many items being crafted that are really awesome and they are in rags… Im not that hard of a taskmaster! lol!


  • City… Would love more interaction in the city in a future expansion, willing to pay DLC for a fully interactive, going in buildings, voiced dialogue, trading with characters, etc. in the city to the West in the desert.
    (Lip synced/Voice synced would be better) :slight_smile:


  • Panther does not eat any seafood as its main diet (I see it will eat it, but not shown as a staple food… no biggy)

Panters don’t eat seafood in RL you know. Jaguar or tiger can get some fish occasionally but they don’t catch shrimps or crabs. As for cities… I’d like to see more neutral cities with merchants and lore, not only Sepermeru (it wasn’t neutral in the beginning by the way).

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It would be cool if you could make factions neutral towards you at a distance by wearing faction armor or tattoos, and then you could do a quest to gain their trust and join their faction in a way. Maybe make it a way to unlock unique T1/T2 faction building sets?


I think even faction merchants could be very good. To buy some rocknose eggs from the merchant at the Den I have to kill all her fellow tribesmen to get there - and still she sells me those eggs… I call it “questionable merchant activity” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Re: point 4: panther diet…
Funcom intended that pets can eat nearly any raw food but they made it so particular foods will give a bonus to the pet or thrall.
Funcom has put icons at the bottom of the pet interface to indicate what foods will give the pets/thralls that “bonus” …which is subtlety indicated by an extra circle around the hunger circle icon.
So that a panther consumes fish but it is not amongst its preferred food icons is not a bug.


Why did you leave out why jaguars and cheetahs don’t eat seafood? They live in a desert is why. Panthers even if rare, some live in Eastern Ky. There’s plenty of ponds and streams for them to live here and eat fish. So black panthers just might eat fish. But as always you people and funcom thinks they are a myth so why bother putting panthers in the game.

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If possible, splitscreen on single player would be awsome

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Being able to instigate or/and enhance the purge would be cool too. Having a sustained blackhand assault would be fun to fight off.

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