Thralls Completely Broken

Game mode: Private FULL RELEASE
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link:

I help run a dedicated PVP server, no mods, mostly vanilla settings. XP, gathering rates, crafting times etc, all set to default. The players on our server have been experiencing massive issues with thralls. Our issues persist after server restarts. Many of the issues in other reports have been noted by our players as well. The issues we’ve experienced include:

  • Using a truncheon to knock out an NPC has the chance to send that NPC falling through map.
  • If the rope breaks or you lose connection to the thrall for any reason, there is a chance for the thrall to disappear.
  • Archer and Fighter Thralls placed in defensive positions are all kinds of messed up.
    – They are completely non-combative. Don’t come running to aid clan members in battle. Don’t attack non-clan members in range and in sight. Don’t react when being attacked by any player, regardless of clan status.
    – Placing an Archer or Fighter has the potential to make the thrall disappear. (lost our first named thrall after the launch just by placing them)
    – The ones that don’t vanish might slide half-way down into the ground or foundation block where they were placed.
    – If you move one that was placed somewhere else, they tend to slowly slide back to their previous position.

Other than crafting station thralls, which there are reports that those don’t always work as advertised either, I see no point in capturing thralls at this time. Since we run a PVE-Conflict style server, It leaves many of our players wanting more content.

Most of these issues were present before but seem to have become more prevalent since “full release.” The grumblings on our server share the sentiment that more was broken than fixed in the weeks immediately prior to launch.

Repro steps:

  1. Knock out an NPC
  2. Try to get NPC back without climbing, swimming, snapping rope.
  3. Place a defender thrall.