Thralls Die Instantly on use of Battle Standard

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Oceania
Mods?: No

Bug Description:

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I am a firm supporter of Conan Exiles and have bought almost every DLC. Thanks for developing a great game and my wife, son and myself have had endless hours of fun.

Recently, we encountered a strange incident that we believe could be a bug.

2 of our fully trained Dalinsias (one equipped with a Sword of Crom and both had full Redeemed Legion armor on) disappeared after we used a Battle Standard at the Pools in Siptah.

We had thought that they would just wander home so we logged off.

When we logged back in days later, we found that they both were not on the Followers list.

We then checked the server logs and found they died almost INSTANTLY when when we logged off. The time of death was seconds apart. And we were sure there were no enemies around where we left them.

They represented many hours of gameplay for my wife and I and this is a very disappointing setback. We realise its only a game and as a senior developer myself, I understand games can have bugs (many!).

Would you be so kind as to look into this for us? Minimally, just so you can see if its a glitch so other players or ourselves will not suffer this setback again?

Not sure what you can do with our loss but thanks for taking the time to review this report.



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  1. Set Thrall to stop following
  2. Die while using Battle Standard
  3. Log off when respawned
  4. Check event log to see instantly dead thrall

maybe it’s like with hyperborean nobles, if master dies all servants die along


Wow. Funcom support is literally non existent?

It’s the weekend, you stand a better chance of acknowledgment during the week. (But it’s also worth noting that you don’t always hear directly from them on a specific issue, though that doesn’t mean that they haven’t seen it, and they may be already looking at ways to fix it.) Communication isn’t always Funcom’s strong point - although I can also understand the community team getting burned out by the frequent bile they face here - but they do read a lot of the forum posts, and respond to them behind the scenes, it’s just not always easy to tell if they have or not.


Thanks Dan. That’s great to know. :slight_smile: As a public facing enterprise, they should communicate better.

Stay safe!


Thanks mate!

Alright. I’m about to walk out of this game and think players should just lay off Conan Exiles. If this is the way the DEV TEAM IGNORES important issues like that.

Your players should be your TOP PRIORITY and not launching additional DLCS for more funds. When you lose the mandate of your players, its all over.

FIX THE ISSUES WITH THRALLS DYING IRRATICALLY. They represent many HOURS of nurturing by your player base. Does that not matter to you at all?

One of my Level 19 Spinases just auto killed itself. It was following me to the base when I lost connection and when I logged in again, could not find it. In the log, shows that I KILLED HIM MYSELF!!!

Stupid as it may sound to have to state this, I OBVIOUSLY WOULD NOT BREAK A BOND WITH A LEVEL 19 SPINAS!


he does not reimburse anything. but he may want to investigate the problem. I too lost some slaves I understand your anger. your pain. the hate that spreads in your veins.