Thralls disappeared

Official Server: 1049
Character name Imacolata
Issue: All thralls and pets missing (except crafters)

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Hi, we are on the same server as you (your neighbors TWOBG). Maybe your thralls starved to death?

Theres multiple threads on thralls disappearing on various servers, youre not the only one. something really fishy going on with the game :frowning:

I have here a friend’s probably plausible explanation for the Thralls’ disappearance.

I also had something similar happen; I think it’s because the thrall decay timer wasn’t extended for the holidays like the base decay timer was on official servers (I can’t link my post becuase my account is new but I also posted a bug report).

Lost full thrall capacity, all named, leveled and geared up… not going to bother anymore. If timer was set on structure they should do a better job and include the thralls. This is the 2nd time they do this, at least last time they did a roll back.

If you can’t login to refresh your thralls, then you shouldn’t play on Official Servers.

It doesn’t take much to check the server settings.

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