Thralls go under ground,stock in horse,inventory bug,dont see clan mates on map

hey all
im here to suggest fisx so many bugs im sicking to play conan again when funcom dont care to fix them.
im playing conan for 2 years and trying to pring my friends into this game but they see all bugs and they left game thats why conans servers are im bagging u to fix this bugs that i can see them form biggining of beta game.when u try to kill red mother dragon always thrall go underground
sometimes u pick somethink and its not in your inventory u need to relog to fix this bug.
sometimes u cant see your clan mates on map idk how to fix it .
u get stock on horses so many times.
base doesent load compelitly and u are flying inside your base .
there is so many bugs i cant remember now so CAN U FIX THIS BUGS AGFTER 5 YEARS OR NOT ?

Hey there,

Please read How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ).

The TestLive subforum is for discussing issues with ongoing TestLive patches.

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