Thralls need Dedicated weapon slots

Thralls/ Bearers need Dedicated weapon slots…


There are slots for items, but what do you mean by dedication? To have both tool and weapon slots?

I’d be happy if they took all unnecessary inventories away actually and made an automated infrastructure that we provide and manage from the quick screen instead (this can be done). There’s too much inventory management clutter which results in way too much idling imo. The approach taken by the devs is outdated.

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One of the things that frustrates me with Thralls is that you can give them a weapon, but they won’t keep it in that slot all the time. They’ll drop it back into their inventory, taking up valuable inventory slots, and the only way to ‘cheat’ this is to access their inventories while they are in combat, and even then as soon as combat ends, they’ll put their weapons back into their inventory rather than keeping it in the weapon slot.

If we can equip armor automatically to the correct slots, and the shield will stay in the relevant slot at all times, then why won’t the weapon stay in the correct slot too?

It’s frankly frustrating and, given that combat-orientated Thralls already have hideously limited inventory spaces, it’s a burden if you’re running a non-encumbrance build or you’re run around in heavy armor, you need Thralls to be able to keep their inventory clutter to a bare minimum at the best of times.

If we make a Thrall equip a weapon, it should stay in the slot until we take it out, which could fix the Thrall weapon-swapping bug which makes a Thrall infinitely swap between a truncheon and a weapon while you get mobbed to death by hostile mobs. For Thralls equipped with multiple types of weapons, like Archers, attacking at range and then swapping to melee weapons and shields when the enemy closes in seems to be working as intended, but again, their inventory issues limits the amount of ammo they can be equipped with.

Agreed and personally need awesome armor.

I believe this has to do with the way running is done. While a weapon is out, our characters walk slowly, so you can’t run around with it out all the time without a lot of patience.

The same could be true of a thrall.

One thing you can do is to fill their inventory. They’ll make new slots. This happened to me the other day. I had my fighter, a Cannibal Brute, loaded down like a pack mule to cart some heavy things from one place to another for me.

When she unequipped her weapon, suddenly she had 10 slots instead of 5. Not sure how long it lasts, or if you can lose items this way, but it can help.

Yes What I mean is that the thrall in my case Bearer bugs out and he dont know the difference between a torch, pickaxe or a bow. So they keep switching and eventually bugs out. They need a weapon slot thats only a weapon we give them will stay in.

Somehow they seem allergic to weapons, they hit an enemy and will imediately un equip the weapon.

Also this is my first game, that only give you the weapon bonuses when equipped, usually you get the bonus when the weapon is in the weapon slot, equipped or not.

That’s because the hotslots are NOT equipment slots. They are quick slots to switch to something.

If every hot slot gave you the weapon bonus, regardless of whether you were actually holding the weapon in your hand, PvP would go crazy because everyone would be jamming multiples of a weapon into the hotslots, and getting huge bonuses off them.

what i’d like to see is a thrall have a specific storage section in inventory… for archers a “quiver” for arrows and secondary weapons only and for fighters a sheath for carried weapons… these would be separate from the carrying capacity section of inventory.

I don’t find that a good idea, personally.

Fighters and Archers are NOT supposed to be your pack mules. They are supposed to be warriors to deal with threats. They have five slots, and honestly that is plenty.

In most cases a Fighter only requires 1-2 slots. One for a shield, one for a one-handed weapon. That leaves three slots. If you want them to carry multiple weapons, you still have three slots to do that.

Archers could take one slot for a bow, one for a melee weapon, and you still have space for arrows, that get stacks of 100. That’s 300 arrows. If you need more than that, you clearly aren’t restocking often enough.

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