Thralls not equipping weapons and not attacking

Having an issue where a thrall will stop attacking. It refuses to equip a weapon, even a manual equipping will not engage. It will either run up with it’s empty hands raised, as if to bare hand strike, but do nothing, or it will revert to its default behavior (Dancer, in this case). It has happened twice, both times against a Vault final boss (Bat and Gremlin). The server reset fixes it, but nothing ingame will correct the problem. Not toggling behaviors, targeting profile, or giving it another weapon.

I have had the same issue with dancer thralls. So many just decided it was there time to die i guess and just ran up fists out.

This only seems to happen with me with the Dancer Thralls. I stopped using the Dancer Thralls… it was too frustrating. The only way I could make them start attacking again was if the server was rebooted.

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