Thralls randomly dying

I have had 3 different time were my thrall wouldn’t return and died. First time was a tchotcho wasn’t following me so I want back for it and it wasn’t there five minutes later it said i killed it. The second time my beserker wasn’t following me and it died to a random taskmaster 2 which keep in mind it died with in five minutes of me realizing it wasn’t following me, so I went back found the taskmaster 2 it wasn’t in a camp so it 1 v 1 my thrall who was leveled with a good kit. The third time my purge fighter wasn’t following me so I checked the map and it was half way across the map in an area I was never at so I went over to it, it was invisible and the all the sudden died. All three of the time the bodies never appeared plus the loot they carried was destroyed 10 mins later. Not decayed it saysdestroyed in the event log all of these bugs were on spitah/Xbox.


In Siptah it happens more frequently than exile lands! The good thing in exile lands is that you have the map room and when you travel then, no matter if your thrall is stucked somewhere, it will teleport right next to you. But in Siptah you don’t have this luxury, so loosing a thrall this way is more common! I always travel looking back, but if it’s night then it’s pointless to look back.
The way I find a workaround with this issue is when I reach base and the thrall is not with me, I ask from another thrall to follow. For some reason this way I don’t loose thralls anymore, because the lost thrall is always getting back. I really hope it works for you too!

I also log out and log in, forget to mention that!

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