Thralls still do gain buffs from eating food (what does this mean?) Answers within?

Die from what ?
Sure i have still pets and thralls that die, mostly in fight, they have hardly the time to starve they die before in fight. :rofl:

But i didn’t have starving pets, if that’s your question here. Again, for moment i do singplayer tests, so this may be different on servers, keep in mind.
I would have to test it over some time on server again to be 100% sure they will not starve.
I’ll set-up a server again soon for testings, when i have a free moment to do so. Time still the thing…

An acquaintance brought up another point.

@Vattende is the Server Settings box “Exclusive Diet” relevant?

Yes, it is. If you choice to check it, pets and thralls will only eat the food showed when you open theyr inventory, and have prefered food.
Without that, they eat bit all, you can give fish to you thralls, or like lot, feed them honey. With diet, this change, and you have to be more carefull. Now they’re not need food to not starve anymore, it’s less tedious to do so, easier just ot feed them the good food only for fights as example.

It’s a choice, up to you, if you prefer it more real, or that they eat all.

I was leaning more towards the buff thing, and now that food is no longer required, could that be used to determine whether or not the buff icon showed?


Could be, to be honest not sure.
Like said, i give they mostly sustenance food for the full time, but when a fight is announced, purge or such, or when i take them with me, i give them better stuff. Simply i thought it was better, and meat isn’t an issue for me, so they got mostly haunches, or ever prepared food when i’m in good mood. :joy:

But i will take a look at it, and put some test examples with honey on one side, and well spoiled on the other, we will see.

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