Thralls stuck in wierd glitch position untill they start attacking

Game mode: [Online Official]
Type of issue: [Bug | Performance ]
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: [ eu ]
Mods?: no
Map: Exile lands

Bug Description:

thralls tend to stuck in wierd glitched position, when they first attack, untill they attack again
while it makes me and my thrall holding our hands for the first time (which could me an emote :smiley:, I think this is not intended.

Expected Behavior:

thrall remain in their “holding their weapon” position which is like fighting mode (when player holding weapon he is in kind of fighting position.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. grab one of my followers to come join me to a great journey.
when he is on following mode and yet attacked for the first time everything is normal.
2. start attacking any monster/npc in game
3. when me and my thrall finish the battle, when i move away my thrall following me in while floating in air (no running animation) and when stopped he looks like that (picture inculuded)
4. hold hands with my thrall and enjoy the moment :smiley:

If needed I can upload a video showing the “levitation” mode while following me after battle (it basicly looks the same as the picture, the thrall is moving the same way while following me, holding his hand like this and weapon but also floating on air without running animation, untill they start attacking again and they back to normal untill the next fight, but be aware the quality will be very low since my my pc is very old.

Is this a normal behavior? are other players have the same issues?

I tried to see if I could recreate what happened to you. Played around for about an hour with a T4 thrall and although I could not get the thrall to get stuck in a weird glitch position I did notice some strange behavior. Mostly my T4 fighter didn’t want to attack archers. Tried a bunch of stuff. I don’t know…the game seems to be more bugged out than normal.

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