Throng of Yeti Purge

Not sure this is in the right spot. We have a private server on PS4 and everytime we get a Throng of Yeti purge nothing ever shows up. Is there a glitch in this specific purge? All our other purges happen fine. Anyone else have this issue?

I play on a PC Official and both my clan and others have had numerous Yeti purges from A10 to D13 to G14. In fact, our server had two last night, one in B12, another in C10.

Since there are no mods on a PS4 server, we can rule that out, but it might be good to know where your base is located. I say this because it’s very possible a map bug could be making them spawn under the terrain (an issue commonly seen around Riversend, for example).

EDIT: Also, since it’s a private server, when this happens you might ask an admin to fly around under the map using ghost mode. They might be able to spot what’s going on and whether it’s an issue like the undermesh problem common at (but not limited to) Riversend.

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Thanks, I didn’t think about going in ghost mode and checking. It has happened at 2 different areas. Right on the intersection of F G,11 10 and also at the corner of D 10. We’ve had several purges at D 10 with no problems, it’s only the yeti purge. If they are spawning under the map is there anyway to fix that? Thanks for the help!

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I also play ps4 and throng of yetis had nothing show up. They were supposed to attack the big hole of the crevice… all we got were crickets…

If multiple groups on different servers are seeing this, probably want to escalate to the PS4 bugs forum. It would still be valuable troubleshooting to use admin/ghost mode to check for weird activity though.

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The Yettis hit my thrall wheel in the volcano, most of them spawned inside the building, some spawned outside at the foot of the stairs we have built outside. I wouldn’t have been upset if they were a no-show.

It’s definitely a good idea. Bear in mind, though, that PS4 still doesn’t have the same version of the game as PC. At best, it might be a bug they solved in the update that we (PC players) already have. At worst, it’s a bug they don’t know about, so it would be extremely valuable to bring it to their attention.


Hello @Shini, welcome to the forums and thank you for your report!

Could you share a few screenshots of the map with the exact position of the bases that seem to be affected by this purge issue?

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It is telling me that I can’t attach pictures because I’m new. One base is at the corner of F and G, 10 and 11. The other base is at the upper right corner of D 10.

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