Yeti Purge in North Never Shows Up

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Single-player - PvE
Region: US

Purge triggers - count down goes to 0:00 from 10:00. Says group of yeti’s are attacking, but they never show up. There is a red X on the map, but the Yeti’s are a no show. The horn blows, etc.

My base is up north. The first purge with human NPC’s worked just fine. This was the 2nd purge. The yeti’s would be cool, but MIA.

Hope this can be resolved eventually. Thanks.

Awesome game, btw.


We got hit by Yeti just a couple of days ago, and have had them before.

Are you running any mods?

Hey @RobR4

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Is it possible that the purge spawned inside the terrain? We’ve received a few reports over the past months mentioning that sometimes the purge spawns inside the map mesh which halted its progress on its feet.

I lost a Yeti purge in a similar fashion recently. Where exactly is your base in the north? Maybe if we compare notes, we can determine if there is a particular terrain feature that eats our yetis, as Ignasis suggests.

Mine was on a tall plateau halfway between Ruins of Xullan and Icespire Chasm. There was no route to reach my base, but the yetis didn’t spawn inside my base either, so I suspect they spawned inside the plateau instead.

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