Tier 1 Raid Guide

Written by Mairenne.

There are three Tier 1 Raid Instances throughout Cimmeria. Vistrix’s Lair is located in the far northwest of Atzel’s Approach near the Atzel Outpost. This raid can only be done by Premium subscribers. Yakmar’s Cave is located in the Eiglophian Mountains, north of the Mountain Hunting Lodge. Kylikki’s Crypt can be found on the northeast end of Field of the Dead, not far from the Fire Beacon Lookout. Both Yakmar and Kylikki can be done by Premium subscribers and those F2P.

Tanks – Holding aggro and being able to aggro swap is important, though there are times when a tank can solo as well. It just depends on the mix of the raid.

Healers – Your roles will change depending on the instance you are in. Always, heals come first.

DPSers – Pulling aggro off a tank is unacceptable. Sure, sometimes it can happen unintentionally, but know your damage, know how much you can do without pushing the limits. Don’t pull aggro off a tank.

Here are general descriptions of each Tier 1 Instance. They are not hard instances, although if you’re new to raiding, this may help you feel more comfortable before zoning in.

Vistrix’s Lair – Commonly known as Vissy

Before I talk about the raid itself, let’s talk about a few things before zoning in. Find the rez pad called ‘The Lair’. It is a climb above the instance itself, but there is no rez pad inside, so if you die and release, this is the rez pad you’ll want to know. If you have the Veteran Paths, the path you’ll want for this is called ‘The Lair’.

If you are a mage (Necro/Demo/HoX) or a healer (PoM, ToS, BS) you will be asked if you have a ‘Bane’. This is something you obtain by a short quest chain, starting with Kurtz Mandros at the bottom of Chillcrawler Hill at the front of Atzel’s Approach. The beginning quest is called ‘Trail to the Dragon’s Lair’.

When you first zone in, you’ll find yourself in an empty room with a small set of stairs leading down at the far end of the room. We stay here for the first few trash pulls. This raid instance consists of a few different trash mob types. Mindrazors – they are minion killable – so anyone with a minion kill, please use it. Shadowbearers – the ‘easy’ trash kill. They burn fast. Champions are the ‘hard’ trash mob, but are still easy to kill. Frozen Cadavers are the unexpected trash mobs since they appear to be dead on the floor, and some of them come to life after you get close enough. These take a slightly bit more effort to be killed, but are still fast burns. These guys can be stunned. It is possible for a raid-goer to be charmed in here. Please don’t kill the charmed ones.

If everyone has a bane already, we will not clear the entire instance. If any of the mages/healers need to find the four inscriptions within the zone to obtain their bane, we’ll have to clear it all.

When we get to the bottom of the lair, there’s a big open cavern with two entrances, one on each side. I prefer to form around the left side, while some raids go right. It’s a personal preference thing here. Do not go too far into the cave area though – or you’ll pull Vistrix. There are several pieces to the form-up before pulling the dragon to us. All tanks but one will form a straight line close to the bottom of the cavern entrance. Melee will form up behind the tank line, casters in the back. Baners should be in the very back of this little ball/triangle thingy so they have easy access to get out. This ball/triangle/dorito shape needs to be as tight as possible. No gaps between you and the person in front of you. Rangers will stay at the back of the cavern entrance, as far away from the rest of the raid as needed…you’ll see why later. The first person on the bane order will stand behind the rangers.

When everyone’s set up, the one lone tank will run in to initiate the encounter. Vissy will appear out of nowhere and go after that tank. The tank will pull Vissy back to the group where the other tanks irritate to position her where we want her. If the positioning isn’t perfect the ball will just have to shift and accommodate. Still no gaps! Stay close to the one in front of you. Tanks will swap aggro on Vissy throughout the entire fight, while DPS burns her down. Oh but wait. There’s more.

There will be two types of Chillcrawler adds spawning throughout the fight that DPS needs to focus on. The Terrors can be minion killed while the Horrors need to be DPSed down. These guys can be CC’d. At 75%, 50% and 25%, there will be a zerg of adds. At this point it’s good if Necros have Shatter and use it. If Shatter is not available, then minion kill what you can and DPS the rest. Everyone but main tanks should focus on the adds before Vistrix herself. One Necro can generally shatter the 75% and 25% zerg, depending on how fast the DPS on Vissy is. Rangers at the back, please focus on adds only. The last thing we need is for you to pull Vistrix with a big hitting crit before she dies. Oh but wait. There’s more.

Vistrix has two casts we all need to be aware of. They follow each other back to back. The first is called Tartarous Vapors. Baners – be ready. This is where you come in. Tartarous Vapors is a 360 degree stun. Anyone in range will be stunned. Rangers – this is why you are at the top of the hill, at your max range so you cannot get stunned. This is also why the baner stands behind the rangers, for further safety that you will not get stunned. After Tartarous Vapors has been cast, the baner on deck will need to sprint down the slope and stand behind the last person in the ball to cast their bane. The bane has a conal effect and will unstun anyone in its range. This is why the ball needs to be tight – so everyone gets unstunned. This is also why the baner needs to be close to the last person in the ball – or the tanks won’t get unstunned since they are at the front of the ball. Once unstunned, the next baner on the list will head up top to the rangers and the baner that just cast can stay in the ball and do their dps.

The second cast to watch for is called Dark Flames. This will cast a huge, and detrimental for some, fire damage cast on whoever Vissy is facing. DTs that have a Dread Shadow can help us prevent this cast from affecting the raid by ‘jousting’ if they know how. If there is no DT with a Dread Shadow or if they are not comfortable jousting, healers have to pop all three big heals after Dark Flames has been cast to get people’s health back up. I will not explain Jousting in this guide, but if you are a DT with Dread Shadow and want to know how to joust, I’ll explain to you individually. If there is no jouster, and if the baner misses, and people are still stunned during Dark Flames, the raid is a wipe. So sorry baners – but you are the lifeline of the raid. It can be a very intense position to be in, but it is honestly fairly easy to do.

Repeat as needed with banes and jousting if available until Vissy has been killed. Then phat lootz time.

Yakmar’s Cave – aka Yak

The rez pad closes to Yakmar’s Cave is the Mountain Hunting Lodge in the Eiglophian Mountains. If you don’t have it, get it before zoning in. Should you die, it’s much easier to have a healer rez you than to release, but if you don’t know it and release, you’re gonna go far far away when you come back to life.

Yak’s cave is VERY big – but it’s almost all wasted space. After running down a long snow hill thingy (watch out cuz if you go off the edge you can die from falling) you’ll see a great big gross looking worm tucked into a tiny little alcove thingy in the back left of the instance. That’s the boss. No adds before getting to him, just lots and lots of running to get there.

There is one key piece of information all raiders need to know when it comes to killing Yak. NO FIRE DAMAGE. Check your gear, your weapons, your combos/skills. NO FIRE DAMAGE can be done to Yak after the initial burn the raid will do on him. What is this initial burn you say?

Ok – One or two tanks (depends on the tanks if it can be soloed or not) and two healers – preferably a PoM and BS – will be on Yak full time. The rest of the entire raid will be on add duty. Add duty? But there are no adds? They show up later. The tanks and healers will go up the side of the wall near Yak (left or right side doesn’t matter, but I prefer left). One tank will charge in to turn Yak at a 90 degree angle from where he sits before the encounter has begun. Once Yak has been placed, the DPS will come trucking in to do as much damage (without pulling aggro) as possible. We have a limited time to burn him, so we need to hit hard (without pulling aggro). Fire damage IS alright here – but ONLY in this part of the fight.

The tanks that are not assigned to Yak full time will be in charge of getting aggro of the worm adds that spawn out of the ground shortly into the encounter, and periodically until Yak is dead. There will be either 3 or 4 add worms. The raid will need to ball those worms up, focus fire and burn them down hard and fast. These worms are CCable, and fire damage IS alright here. Just NOT ON YAK. So the tanks bringing the adds to the DPS group will need to make sure they’re pulled back enough so any splash fire damage is NOT done on Yak. Since Hox/Demo/Rangers generally do fire damage, it’s most likely if you’re playing one of those three classes, you will be put into a ‘fire group’. You are the visual markers of where the raid should always return to when more adds come. Rangers can set their traps, ToS’s their totems, or just stand there in the same spot so we all know where to group up the adds when they re-spawn.

When the last add worm is at about half health, I want DPS (except the fire group) to go back in on Yak for debuffs first, then DPS until the next add wave spawns. Fire group – sorry but you have to stand and watch between add spwans. Depending on the raid leader, sins might stay in on Yak full time, however I like to make sure the first few sets of adds go down before sending sins all in. That also lets the tanks on Yak establish that much more hate on him, making it harder for a Sin to pull aggro. We rinse and repeat this until Yak is dead. If we can manage the dps on the add worms, I’ll also send in Barbs full time on Yak, but it all depends on if the add team can handle adds without sins and barbs.

While the DPS group is killing adds, the healers assigned to the two Yak tanks will be spamming their heals, keeping the big heals rotated evenly spaced apart, and DPSing Yak when they can. Healers on Yak have one main priority – keeping those tanks alive. If there are two tanks up there, aggro swapping will be key. You don’t want to build up so much aggro that the other tank can’t take Yak off you and then you die. If a ToS heal is needed on top of the POM/BS combo you have right with you, one will be assigned to run in, drop the big, and run back out to the DPS group.

Yak will periodically stun and knock back the tanks and healers – this is normal. If he stuns the ENTIRE raid – someone did fire damage on Yak. Remember – NO FIRE DAMAGE ON YAK.

Some things to note for specific classes in Yakmar:

  • Conqs – take off your fire banner – use a different one.
  • BS – no Manifestation of the Sun – use other manifestations.
  • Demos – if you are not in the fire group – you can ONLY do electric damage on Yak after the initial burn. If you are a Conflag demo and NOT in the fire group – SPEAK UP before the encounter starts.
  • Rangers – if you are not on the fire group – do not use your fire trap, pitch pot, Advantage Fire Attack, Combo Flame Barrage, or Incendiary Shot when on Yak.

Other things to note:

Combat Rating (Fire) does NOT mean you will do fire damage automatically. It increases the fire damage you do…so if you don’t do any fire damage in the first place, you’re fine. This is not a stat to worry about UNLESS you do fire damage.

If you are a squishy (non-tank) and you get aggro of an add worm, do NOT run from the DPS group. Either run around the group or die. The last thing we need is for you to run all around the huge cave trying to survive, while the add is chasing you. We can’t kill it that way. Take one for the team if you have to. KEEP THOSE ADDS TOGETHER.

Once Yak is dead, the add worms will disappear, and we get phat lootz. There is one quest that you have the option of doing for Yak’s Cave. Fennella at the bottom of the Mountain Hunting Lodge has a short quest chain to do that in the end requires you to Kill Yak and get his fur. A worm has fur??? Apparently this one does. The loot box will contain 2 or 3 firs for this quest. Rangers get priority since the reward is an epic crossbow or bow. If no rangers in the raid need the fur, then it’s a first come first serve thing to me. Other raid leaders may have tanks call furs first since they tend to use ranged weapons to pull in an add group.

One last thing to mention – NO FIRE DAMAGE ON YAK!

Kylikki’s Crypt

This is the longest, but probably most fun instance in the T1 sweep. If you don’t know the rez pad for the Fire Beacon Lookout in FoTD – get it before zoning in. Should you release after dying inside the crypt, you will be brought to this pad if you know it. Otherwise, you’ll be somewhere else in FoTD further away.

There are tons of trash mobs in this instance, and sometimes we’ll get epic boxes off of trash mobs. Not all the time though. The trash mobs are all identical though – so it’s very repetitive. There are four types of adds, and they stand in clumps, so you never get just one. You always get all or most of them.

The adds are:
Spellguard - he has two massive AOEs he does towards the beginning. If you can’t take his heat, get out of the kitchen. Aka – if you’re not a tank, or don’t have the HP to survive the AOEs, stay back until they’re over. If he’s not killed fast enough, he will pulse them again, so he is the first target. Rarely he will do a third AOE, so if this happens, run fast, or fight through it and hope healers are paying attention. The catch to these guys, is that when they do their AOE they tend to port to another portion of the room just before casting…so players stay on your toes!

Priest – this guy is the second focus. He is a straight up tank and spank…kind of. He does have a self heal, so if we take our time killing him, he’ll just take that much longer to kill.

Honorguard – Every healer’s nightmare (mainly ToS/PoM). This guy has NO aggro table so long as he is in range of several players. He will bounce back and forth to anyone he wants, which is usually a ToS or PoM. Don’t hit the Honorguard back, and he’ll eventually break off of you to go beat on someone else.

White Hand Guard – There are either two or none of these guys with each group of regular mobs. These can be minion killed – and should be as soon as possible.

I’m going off memory – but I think there are about 20 sets of these adds in the entire instance. Some groups don’t have an Honorguard. Some don’t have the White Hand Guards. Some path, some get spawned in weird, and there may be two priests or god forbid two Spellguards. Getting a double pull can be a raid wipe if not handled properly, so the tanks need to know what they’re doing.

Three tanks will be assigned to the main adds – they will be in charge of pulling adds to the rest of the raid. The Spellguard tank will – tank the Spellguard. The Priest tank will – tank the Priest. The Honorguard tank will – KITE the Honorguard away from the raid so it doesn’t eat our healers alive. This is much easier to do when there’s room to kite, so the first few sets of adds may kill some people off if everyone’s not paying attention. Once the Spellguard has cast its two AOEs, everyone will ball up IN MELEE RANGE on the Spellguard, bringing in the Priest and Honorguard too for splash damage until the Spellguard is dead. BALL UP around these guys. The Honorguard will continue to hop back and forth between raiders until it’s dead, so the LAST thing we want is for it to be running after someone not in the ball, wasting our time to kill it. It makes no sense to have the melee fighters chasing after a mob simply because ranged players are too far away. He’ll pull to you if he wants, so just do it smart and stay close.

There is an upper level and a lower level in this instance. The upper level contains 5 sets of these adds. The lower level contains the rest. However half way through the bottom room, we come across the Champion of the Honorguard. In my raids, we ignore him for the time being. Most raid leaders kill him as they approach him. I have a reason for this though. It is much more self gratifying to get both guaranteed loot boxes back to back, and it also gives people more reason to stay through the whole raid. I’ve had people leave after Champ, and also, people don’t want to come in if Champ is already dead, so doing the trash first, then the bosses makes more sense to me.

Because there is more trash after Champion, the tanks will have to be very careful pulling the adds behind him. He will start a fight with you if you get too close, so tanks need to make sure they’re hugging the walls in his room. Once the bottom room is cleared, there’s another little set of stairs leading to Kylikki’s room. When Champ’s room is clear, the WHOLE raid will hug the walls to the back half of the lower level. This way we don’t have to wait so long for the adds to come to us, it helps prevent them from porting inside the geography (which can happen if the tanks have to drag them across the entire instance) and it helps keep the Spellguard’s AOEs down to one set of two (or the random three).

We finally get all trash cleared, and then we hit up Champ, so we hug the wall again until we are in the front of his room, facing him. Tanks will charge him, and DPS/Heals will run in after to join them IN MELEE RANGE. There are only a few things to pay attention to with Champ, otherwise he’s a tank n spank.

  • Curse of Gwalur – if we attack while he has Curse running, he will heal up and we will die, so ALL DPS must stop during Curse. PETS INCLUDED. If you have pets and are not confident pulling your pets off at random, kill them before the encounter. Heals WILL continue during Curse.
  • Covenant of Pestilence – this is randomly put on people during the encounter. If you get this debuff STOP DPS until it is gone. If you continue to attack during Covenant, you will kill the other people in your six-man group. Please note – this is DIFFERENT than Covenant of Petruscence. Covenant of Petruscence doesn’t matter to us. Just Pestilence. NOTE THE DIFFERENT Debuffs or you’ll stop DPS for no reason.
  • At about 40% he will start doing a pulsing AoE on the raid. Watch your health. Drink pots. This will not stop until he is dead.
  • DoTs on Champ are bad, because if he has a DoT on him during Curse, we all feel the pain of it.
  • Our own Retributive Damage buffs has been said to be bad, and it’s been said to not matter. Personally speaking, if we do everything else right, it won’t matter.

The reason everyone should be in melee range for this fight is to ensure you are getting the healer’s heals during Curse and the pulsing AOE. If at any time in this fight your health dips and you cannot get it back up through pots and heals, run behind his pillar to break line of sight until you are well again. Then rejoin the fight.

Finally we have Kylikki. This is also done a few different ways, depending on the leader. Those of you with Minion Kills will be called upon for a very crucial part of this encounter. In Kylikki’s room there are three empty alcoves. One to her left (1), one behind her (2) and one to the right (3). Alcove 1 will require three minion kills, Alcoves 2 and 3 will require four. Mages and PoMs will be assigned an alcove based on the number of minion kills we have.

  • Necros with Shatter can kill 4.
  • Necros can kill 1 with Draw Forth The Heart OR 3 with the Funeral Rites AA.
  • Demos can kill 1 with Draw Forth The Heart.
  • HoX can kill 2 with I Eat Your Heart (Yes you can kill 2. If you don’t know how – ASK).
  • PoMs with Condemnation can kill 1.

I will send in one group – typically two tanks, two or three DPS and one or two healers. ALL MUST BE IN MELEE RANGE. After about a minute into the encounter, she will run to Alcove 1, then return to her post. The group on Kylikki MUST RUN WITH HER. When she runs to the alcove, four Spellguards will appear. However, these are not the same Spellguards as before. These are minion killable. One Spellguard will remain alive in Alcove 1. She will then run to Alcove 2 and then back to her post. The group on Kylikki MUST RUN WITH HER. Four more Spellguards spawn. All of these get minion killed. She will finally run to Alcove 3 where, you guessed it, four more Spellguards will be spawned. And, you guessed it - the group on Kylikki MUST RUN WITH HER. Once the last four are minion killed, the entire group can charge Kylikki and attack. If at any time you attack Kylikki and you are not a part of the tank group on her, shame on you but GET IN MELEE RANGE OF HER IMMEDIATELY.

If ALL the Spellguards go down, she will continue to cycle through her alcoves over and over again, spawning more Spellguards. Leaving the one up in Alcove 1 is the safest way to ensure she will not continue this cycle.

While the one group is on Kylikki, and the Minion Killers are killing minions, the rest of us will be DPSing down two ghost wolves that will periodically spawn. These are CCable, but should be pulled away from the alcoves and Kylikki to kill. When we all get IN MELEE RANGE on Kylikki, the wolves will continue to spawn, so we must pull them in to us and kill them as well as attack Kylikki. We CANNOT leave her side to get those wolves.

NO ONE CAN BE IN RANGED DISTANCE WHILE ATTACKING KYLIKKI. She will choke the raid if anyone attacks her from ranged distance. Pets are ok at ranged, but players HAVE GOT TO BE IN MELEE DISTANCE.

It is possible you may end up getting slowed or even charmed in this encounter. Should that happen to you, you’ll have to deal. Should you see a charmed player, do not kill them…please?

Spellweaving is perfectly fine when the entire group is balled up around Kylikki. She will very rarely move during this part of the encounter. Should she begin to move, it won’t be far, but drop Spellweaving for the remainder of the fight. If she remains stationery (which is normal) Spellweave your arses off.

Any wolves still alive when Kylikki goes down will need to be killed too. They do not disappear. Rez any that may have died (which should not happen if people are observant during the encounter) and get the phat lootz.