Tiger boss can't kill with a bow

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I attack the tiger boss with my bow. The first shot hit him. Two next shots go through him and don’t hit him. The next shot hit him again, but he is healed up to 100%. No chance to kill him.

Picture 1: Shoot on the tiger boss and hit him:

Picture2: The next shot goes through him and hit the water:

Picture3: The 4th shot hit him again, but he is healed up to 100%:

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  1. attack tiger boss with bow and hit him
  2. the next two shots goes through him and don’t hit him
  3. the 4th shot hit him, but he is healed to 100% again
  4. no chance to kill him with bow after the last update

This is the tethering mechanic they introduced in the last patch. This is partly done to prevent boss cheasing mechanics, and sitting on top of a rock with absolutely no danger would probably fall under that category.

Working as intended as far as I know.

Eh, enemies magically becoming invincible because you’re too far away and it ‘wouldn’t be fair’ to let you shoot them is horsecrap. That’s bad game design.

You’re basically saying that the game doesn’t know how to deal with even the most primitive battle tactics, and it’s only recourse is to out-and-out cheat against you.
No, have the enemy try to reach you, or realise it can’t get to you and flee out of sight. Like a real animal would. Force the player to chase it down and expose themselves to damage.
For human enemies, have them climb up to you.

The enemy not being able to reach me isn’t my problem. It’s something that their AI should be programmed to attempt to deal with, and when they fail, they should die.
Those unsuited to survive, don’t.

“Standing on a big rock where you can’t reach me.” isn’t the player cheating, and the solution is not to program the enemies to cheat in response.

A tiger can jump like 12ft in the air. Seems like a really simple solution to this problem. Give the tiger a jump. Don’t give it magical healing.
If the creature can’t jump or climb?
Then it flees and tries to break line of-sight, or it dies.

One thing I learned from playing warframe is that programming your enemies to cheat is never the answer. Bosses that arbitrarily turn invincible are trash.

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