No chance to Kill an NPc or Animal with Bow

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Before the Patch, i can Kill an Animal or an NPC with my Bow from a high Ground.
Now every Time i hit them, they ran Away after 5 seconds, and than they have 100% Life instant. There is no chance to Kill them.

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  1. Klimb on a Rock or Build an Fondation
  2. Take the Bow with Arrows
  3. Start to Hit the Animal/NPC
  4. The Animal/NPC came to me under the Rock
  5. A few Seconds later they run away to the Start Point and have instant 100% life

Thats the point right? They can’t be cheesed as anymore.

Don’t worry thou… if you prefect roll and dodge all there attacks, they’ll reset to. (which needs looking into) XD

(I main a bow)


Who would flag this… really? Thats whole point of update, is that you can’t cheese them.


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Hey @Azilut

We’ve added a leash mechanic to most NPCs so they can’t be cheesed or abused by other exploits.
Apologies for the inconvenience.


I don’t understand this change. How is a solo player supposed to be able to kill a harder mob now? Why not just remove archery? It will allow you two or three shots before the mob gets to you, then you have to go melee. Sure, it’s eliminates cheesing, but it also makes archery almost 100% worthless. Why are there thrall archers if any damage they do will just heal unless you leave them on the ground and exposed? Why not just give them a sword if they have to be accessible by the mobs?


Being able to shoot an NPC from an elevated position is NOT cheesing. Even before the update I noticed that when using a bow from a distance, the NPC would only start moving just as I released the arrow. It’s so obvious too. If I just stood there the NPC would not move or would engage in their normal animation, even if I aimed the bow but never actually released. But as soon as I released the arrow the NPC would move. I call that cheating. The whole point of archery is ranged hits. If these were sniper rifles this would not be happening.


I couldn’t agree with you more. Throughout history, archery and ranged weapons have played a significant role in warefare. Ranged attack should remain as an important element of the game, especially in single player mode.


The complete new attack system is so bad. All npc’s in darfari camp attack you. Hell no change for single player there. lol

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It is in games where the AI will just stand there and take it, never adjusting to your tactic.


This leash mechanic is used in so many other games and is also implemented in an upcoming new blockbuster game of amazon, it’s a common technique in mmo‘s and mmorpg‘s - the people will get used to it.
IMO it will lead Funcom into a new balancing of archery.



If AI had range attacks to shoot back, or climb after you… I can see it.

Theres a few pathing issues, Like being up a 2 part ramp, and firing down. They’ll go up one part and then turn to come up next…and turn around. When your clearly able to be gotten to.

Few enemies will not leave there hill. (Boss Elk) who only seem to chase 20m.

Some tweaks need happen. I like it. I use to sit on rock, and pew pew pew cheap arrows at start of game. Its more exciting.

Few locations as Bow main… that suck. Asgard is just… hell. =/

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How in the world is pulling the Red Mother out of the corruption cheesing her? I run in and smack her with a sword to get my follower to engage then I back out so all of us aren’t fighting in the corruption and start attacking again

That’s just good tactics because I want to avoid as much corruption as possible.

Seriously Ignasis i would like your answer about that


I cannot say this change broke the mechanic of ranged weapon but it definitely destroyed my own playing experience.

So, again, another example of taking away playing methods from players but not bring more to them.


Its cheesing because Funcom put the corruption as an area you were supposed to fight in. Instead, people would just kite out, and thus cheese the fact the AI wasn’t smart enough to know the advantage corruption gave them.

That is not a inconvenience that is game breaking to not be able to kill one of the bosses in the game unless you take 6 hours. I imo think this is much more then an inconvenience.

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6 Hours if you keep trying the cheese tactic. There are many ways to fight it. In all honesty, i usually just fought it where it spawned, because if it was kited, it seemed to make it bug out and get stuck under the world more often than not.

On the bright side, this makes it much easier to get NPC’s off of you. Climb up something and have a staring contest with them. They’ll give up and leave.

Also, the leash is kind of nice when it comes to the high speed animals. No longer do I turn around and see that a hyena has been following me for the last 40 miles like I’ve got a porterhouse tied to my buttocks.


lmao! You are definitely right

It’s definitely changed how I use the bow, without doubt. With that and the more realistic camp aggro, it’s made some content I used to faceroll genuinely challenging (for me at least). Not sure I would want to main a bow at the moment, unless I get better at it than I am currently. Time will tell…

Perfect description :slight_smile: