Time Stamps on Messages

Is it just me, or do others find it a bother that msgs here do not have time stamps on them??

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I also find the lack of time stamps annoying, specially when you are searching the forum for information.

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Where it also helps a lot is when you are new to a forum or have not been in a in a while, the dates help you not read material that can be months old and irrelevant.

Further, time stamps in message threads have been the convention for along time. WHy use a system that doesn’t use them??

Hello?.. Funcom?.. is anyone paying attention?? You have asked us to move our comms over here, away from the Steam resource, to a forum that is frankly not as well thought out. Please put some attention… heck hire me, I need a job. :smiley: Seriously… … you made the choice to ask us over here, and this resource is not as good, but it could be better if you put the energy into it.

They do, though! For example, your post has a “23h” in the upper right. That means it was made 23 hours ago. Mouse over that to see the full timestamp. (in your case, April 25, 2018, 12:14 pm)

Ok… yes … that display is there… and it’s really cool… but you know what… a time stamp is just easier and a format we are all already used to in millions of forums posts all over the planet… why reinvent a protocol just for something to do?

Totally missed that mouse over popup, that in is self indicated that it’s not a good feature.

But to add to this forums problems. Quotations: How on earth do I quickley qoute someone? Normally forums have a quote button and whole post are quoted automatically. Also the timeline to the left in threads are buggy, sometimes it shows correct information and sometimes not. Sometimes you are jumped to the first new post some times to another post. Also the red line that shows “New Posts” since I was last online are not always in the right position.

Frankly I truly hate this forum and wish that FunCom would support Steam forums more or introduce a better implemented forum.

highlight the text, by dragging over it, release the MB. click the quotation pop up icon.

I accidentally did that later on so I know how to do it now, thanks.

But just this is my point. This forums are not intuitive, it’s constant struggle to do east things, things you normally do without even thinking about it. I’m glad that there is a lot of players still on Steam forum only.