Tips for destroying structures inside mesh?

We have had to dig up our foundations in our main area of base but cannot use the E wheel to get to some left over that are over 90% inside the mesh.

I’ve heard you can use fire and grease orbs to destroy the structures (as fire damages through the mesh) However we’re playing on Conflict PVE so I’m not sure that will work.

Anyone else got any tips as to how we can get rid of these structures?


Get someone with Admin to Ctrl-shift-del the area while looking at the foundations. They might need to do that more than once. It will clear up any garbage you cant get to thats under the ground/rocks etc.

We play on official so that’s not an option either…

If enemies can still damage stuff… can try dragging over a something like dragon, I think spider still does its slam.

The other sadly is to let it decay, and move for week and be ready go back when it resets. =(

I’m having the same problem. In my case, letting it decay is not an option, because it’s connected to my main base.
Here’s what I tried so far (and which didn’t work):

  • Getting knocked down. Sometimes, when you get knocked on the ground, your field of vision clips through the mesh and you can see through the terrain. Only works on certain locations, though.
  • Explosive jars. Because it’s an official PvE server, players cannot damage player structures, not even their own ones.
  • Placing another foundation on top of it and having two people simultaneously dismantle it, hoping that one of the dismantle commands will hit the underground foundation. Was worth a shot, but doesn’t seem to work.
  • Messing with your video card so you run out of video memory and the terrain doesn’t get rendered. You can’t control which parts of the map will get rendered and which ones not.
  • World bosses. They do damage, even on PvE, but it is so little that it would take days of continuous pounding to destroy a foundation.
  • Building a wall behind you, so your character is squeeze between it and the terrain and your field of vision clips through. Used to work back in beta, but not anymore.

The foundations I was concerned about when I made this thread are gone.

I achieved this by dismantling all the connecting foundaations to the structure and then just built over it with the new grid. On the next server restart the foundation changed state to abandoned and then decayed.

However, I now have another foundation in a different part of my base that is more stubborn. I have dismantled all connecting structures to it yet after 4 server restarts it still lingers. This foundation however only took up 2 spaces on the new grid so instead of laying foundations over the top (prevented by clipping). I have simply put ceilings over it instead.

There is a slight difference between the foundation height and ceiling height, however it’s the best option I have right now. I wont risk keeping the base derendered in the hope that the single stubborn foundation changes state to abandoned without losing my entire base as that is a bit too much to lose over a slight difference between structure height.

A possible work around for this would be to simply turn friendly-fire damage on for structures on PvE servers. Fire having the ability to destroy stuff under the terrain would be the most ideal method of solving this problem, if only PvE players could use it.

It confounds me the amount of baby bars that are in place for PvE players… - no pet or thrall friendly fire, no structure friendly fire etc…

Do they think just because we don’t like having our beautiful designs destroyed by trolls that we need our hands held this much? This is supposed to be a survival game dammit!

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