How to delete foundation underground?

Hello new here to the forums, Me and a friend were playing on an official server. As, I was building the base I realize I had made a graved mistake when placing the foundation and, accidentally placed it underground and, I was trying to figure out if their was away to remove it? any ideas?

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In some cases you can go into first person and move against the terrain/perma structure and bug yourself enough to remove the piece. You jig against it until you see the red.

As for specifically underground, like underneath you, unless you can climb underneath the spot unfortunately you may have to wait until the 1 piece decays. Which means you can’t have any other pieces around it and stay away from it for a time until you see it has fully decayed in your logs.


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Like @Kikigirl said! All i will say “do not try anything stupid”.
Build away from this spot and do not pass from this spot for a few days, it will decay alone! One alone foundation needs a couple of days to decay!
Another way is to contact Zendesk and ask them to do it, but i believe this will be a waste of time! Shit happens, not your fault, but report the place so devs know and fix it!


I thank both of you greatly for the wisdom!