To dark in shady areas hurts my eyes

I am playing Isle of Siptah atm and I struggle to see in shady areas. The contrast between bright areas and shady areas is really bad in this game, I have not had this problem with other games ever.

I have seen many posts and complaints about this, why is this still a problem after all this time this game was created? People’s health is affected, do something.

And if some numnuts decides to say “stop playing” take a hike! It’s clearly an ingame problem and not a monitor or graphic card one.


Disable motion blur, weird but there’s something weird with the combinations motion blur and light in IoS.

Use a light in darker area’s, any light will solve half the problems with dark shades, especially in the forest and behind mountains.

Sidenote: make sure your monitor isn’t boosted/overclocked, its the worst technique ever invented which causes a lot of “smearing” in dark and light area’s.


I love the shading and it really gives the dark forest feel. While I can sympathize with the OP, I don’t see it as a negative but a feature of immersion as they do a great job at replicating how dense forest lighting truly is.


To be honest, I had this problem with Transformers: War for Cybertron. My solution was, unfortunately, to stop playing.

That said, I haven’t felt this problem on Siptah, at least not to such an extent as to ruin my gaming experience.

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This problem with the lighting has been reported several times and the Devs have ignored our pleas. The only solution, therefore, is what @Kapoteeni suggested… stop playing (on Siptah). Until the Devs fix the lighting, that’s about all you can do.


Unfortunately I am inclined to agree with you. This is the second largest reason why I no longer play Isle of Siptah, after the amount of RNG grind to obtain recipes. To give some subjective context to my own objections, my original base was at coordinates D,10 in the beautiful valley with the autumn leaved trees. So why did I abandon this gorgeous location? I got sick of needing a torch to see what I was doing while it was still broad daylight.

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I agree that the contrast/brightness in this game can be punishing… but there are some work arounds that might help you enjoy the game in the mean time.

Mainly contrast settings, brightness settings, and gamma settings. Additionally, you could play in a dark room rather than a bright one, or vice versa.

I have never liked how the games “dark” works myself.

A slight tweak to gamma might make things better without making things look super stupid. Slight mind you, gamma sucks and is an ugly fix unless it’s just a bit of it.

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The difference between flat screen TV and a regular monitor is within high competition. You can recognize the difference with the greys. The TV outperforms any monitor right there.

P.S. Set the gamma.

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Too dim light also hurts mine… The lights in this game is bad. In many places… But … Fc insists on the extreme filters…

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The ‘adjust the gamma’ suggestion is a good one, if, you plan on staying just on that one map all the time. So yes, that is a valid suggestion for some people.

I don’t know about everyone else, but in my case, I typically play in single player, and I have multiple characters across several maps. The Exiled Lands map works great (lighting is just fine and I wouldn’t change it), but Isle of Siptah is awful with the extremes in lighting. So adjusting the gamma for Siptah ruins the Exiled Lands experience (let alone, the other mod maps I enjoy). And while it is possible to adjust the gamma for every play session every time I switch to a different map, that’s something I’d rather not do.

I would much rather have the Isle of Siptah be fixed to work like the Exiled Lands. So one adjustment to ‘rule them all.’ :smiley:


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