To start over or simply rebuild?

As I’ve been unable to play for a week now, due to my PS4 requiring repairs, my base would be subject to decay and more than likely gone by the time I get my PS4 back sometime next week, but a few factors have me unsure whether I should simply start over or try rebuild;

  • My base was close to both iron and brimstone deposits, not to mention a steady supply of thralls.
  • It was mostly foundations with one small building, all made from T1 materials.
  • I was only just over level 30.
  • I had 2 boxes full of iron, brimstone and other items obtained from raiding the nearby Black Hand camp.
  • I intentionally have the settings to be against me to some degree (I take slightly more damage, enemies take slightly less damage, slightly reduced EXP gain, but default thirst, hunger and stamina loss rates. Longer nights and shorter days as well.)
  • I play offline, so getting raided is not an issue.
  • The purge meter was roughly 1/8 full.

I say start over, but wait until next week for the patch release to do it.

Then wait until the week after because it’s been delayed.

Then wait until the week after that because it’s been delayed again.

Then wait until the week after that because there’s been another delay.

(Welcome to my last two months. :cry: )

I’m a little confused. On PC, if you play single player, you can disable decay. Even if you couldn’t disable decay, as far as I know, once you exist single player the game/server ceases to exist. Thus, the decay timer doesn’t count down further.

Is this not the case on PS4?

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I have it enabled, but I’m unsure on how the timer functions when the session ends, if I do indeed still have all of my stuff when I can play again, all the better. I’ll find out once I get my PS4 back.

I’m planning on staying a new character when the update is released to live. I figure it’ll be more fun trying to level up with the new difficulty levels of NPCs plus the chance of mini-bosses.

Your single player game will not decay while you are offline, as far as I know. I’m a PC player, and mine never seems to do anything while I’m not playing the game.


There are already a few new minibosses in game. I came across an Imp King recently, and with stone and iron tier weapons and armor, he might as well be a boss.

I agree with this, I still have an offline game that I have not played on in months and the characters buildings are all still there.

If your offline game is off the decay time and game does not count down. And the game does not simulate the time passed like some games do from the past. (Though those are mostly mobile games)

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